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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Sampling of Bunting Books

I told you all that Eve Bunting was a rather prolific writer! She's offering plenty of blog fodder this week. Here are some additional titles to be aware of:

I put this book on my Amazon wishlist in hopes of someday adding it to our home holiday book collection. (Love the library but it's hard to wrangle holiday titles away in time to be read in season sometimes! I've started building our own home holiday collection so that we're never out of reading sources when special events and occasions roll around!)

In A Turkey for Thanksgiving Mrs. Moose is moaning because "everyone has a turkey" for Thanksgiving but the Moose family. Mr. Moose promises to bring home a turkey for dinner and he goes off in search of one, taking all of their fellow animal friends and Thanksgiving guests along. They do find a very fat turkey who, not surprisingly, does not want to join the group for dinner! Of course, as it turns out, Mr. and Mrs. Moose have no intention of putting the turkey ON the table. They just wanted a turkey as a guest to sit AT the table. A cute book to be sure.

Pop's Bridge is a fun and fascinating introduction to the history of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. This story follows two fictional families whose fathers play a part in building the bridge. It's dangerous and exciting job, filled with care, excitement and imagination. Bunting includes factual information in telling her tale. Definitely a title to remember for history purposes.

Jumping back to another holiday title, we picked up Who Was Born This Special Day? in which each of the animals in the barn/stable are asked if they were born "this special day." Not I, they each in turn give answer. So who WAS born this special day?

Was it the child?
The child who lies in the manger bed,
the shine of the star high overhead?
Clouds filled with angels shimmering bright,
singing of joy this dear, holy night.
Who was born this special day?
It was the child.

We're randomly jumping about here, aren't we? On to the Sunflower House which is a really fun book for the summertime. A boy plants some tall-growing sunflowers and gets to play in the "house" that they create as they grow. He spends a wonderful summer underneath the blossoms and then, after sunflower season has passed, he collects the seeds which will be replanted so that there will be "sunflowers everywhere" the following year. Very fun story!


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  1. Not only is she prolific, she's versatile as well. I can't wait to get to her (Do you think I can pass you? I'm not holding my breath.)