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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Read Aloud Thursday - Eve Bunting

Read-Aloud Thursday at Hope Is the Word

To wrap up our perusal of Eve Bunting books, here are some additional titles we've been reading through.

I think I'd be a little remiss if I didn't mention Our Library, don'tcha think?

In this particular story, Raccoon and his friends are shocked to discover from their favorite library, Miss Goose, that their library is going to close. The library is sadly in need of repairs but there is no money to take care of these things and so they are going to have to shut their doors. This saddens the animals friends and spurs them onto action to raise money to take care of things like the roof and new paint. Several times over the friends rally around their library to support it and keep it open and functioning.

If you love your library, you will love this book.

Hurry! Hurry! is a good (and simple) spring-time tale, especially for toddlers. Chicken is running through the barnyard yelling for all of the animals to "HURRY! HURRY!" With only two words of exclamations per page (her pleas for the animals to hurry and their individual responses) this is a great book for kids age 1-3. What are the animals all hurrying to see?

Well, you don't expect me to spoil the book for you now, do you!?

I thought My Backpack would be a bigger hit with the boys than it turned out to be. In this story, Grandma sends a little boy a backpack so that he can "fill it with important stuff." The little boy goes around the house collecting things his family deems to be important (like brother's catcher's mitt and father's glasses) and heads outside to play. The family, of course, goes hunting for their missing items and discover them in the possession of the boy. All is forgiven and the more important thing is placed inside the backpack -- the boy! (His father ends up giving him a fun piggy back ride.)

Again, I thought this one would be more of a hit but I think the concept just went right over their heads. At any rate, no one responded to this book.

All in all, we had some hits and misses with the stack I brought home. Regardless, it's always fun to read through new titles and get a feel for what's out there!

Are you reading aloud with your kids this week? Hop on over to Hope is in the Word and share what you are reading, as well as find out what others are diving into these days. Thanks, as always, to Amy for hosting!


  1. You know I love Eve Bunting. She's not to be missed, for sure!

  2. I have requested the first two from our library. What excited me even more was discovering she'd written a book called Finn MacCool. This character was mentioned in the King Puck (see today's blog post) book we've been reading, so OF COURSE we have to check that one out too. Thanks for alerting us to Eve Bunting.