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Monday, March 14, 2011

My Red Balloon, by Eve Bunting

My Red Balloon is the perfect companion book to The Father's Are Coming Home, by Margaret Wise Brown. (Linked to my review.) I had to mention this one as well.

In this story a little boy is waiting for his father to return from his Naval cruise. He promises his father that he will be able to spot him by the red balloon that he'll be carrying. This red balloon is very precious to the boy because it is the object which will connect him with his father, who he has not seen in some time.

A very touching story, obviously, and heart-felt. I know a friend who will love this and I post this for her - as well as a reminder to the rest of us that freedom isn't cheap and it doesn't come for free. Freedom involves sacrifice, like it or not. Any book that gives a nod to the armed forces of America gets a nod from me as well.

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  1. Of course it makes me tear up! That special moment when children see their beloved parent is amazing. I didn'
    I like the idea of 'My Red Balloon'!!