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Reading My Library

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bookworm1's Favorite Bunting Books

There were so many Bunting books upon our library bookshelves that I didn't even bother bringing all of them home. I filled up my back chalk full of her books and then read a ton of them while I was at the library itself. I confess I'm kind of on Bunting overload. The ones I did bring home, I brought home because I thought they'd be particular hits with my boys. Bookworm1 (age 4) enjoyed the following:

Mouse Island tells of Mouse who lives alone on an island. He's not necessarily lonely - at first. But then he starts thinking that it might be nice to have someone to do something with. One day a storm blows through and there is a shipwreck off the coast. Mouse spies something in the water that needs some rescuing and he bravely brings it shore. It turns out it is a cat! Due to the fact that Mouse rescued Cat, Cat agrees not to eat Mouse. As you might guess, they end up becoming friends and enjoy one another's company.

Little Badger's Just-About Birthday is very cutely illustrated by LeUyen Pham which made this book particularly fun for mommy to read as well. (I do love cute and cuddly looking animals - I confess it!) In this book Old Badger wakes up Little Badger with a just-about birthday gift of a "big, bristly, dry-as-dirt pinecone" for them to play with together. Little Badger is excited to celebrate his "just-about" birthday with his friends, celebrating the fact that he was born just about this particular (and unnamed) time of year.

As it turns out, all of his friends are celebrating their "just-about" birthdays as well! Why, it's even Old Badger's just-about birthday. Why? Because it's spring, of course! This is never mentioned and so Bookworm1 didn't quite catch on. But it's a cute story and definitely one to add to the line up if you are reading/studying seasons of the year.

There is a series of Badger Books including Can You Do This, Old Badger? and Little Badger, Terror of the Seven Seas. If you like one title - check out the others!

If you know of Bookworm1's love of sea creatures, you can feign shock and surprise over the fact that he enjoyed Whales Passing. The illustrations in this book are beautifully done by Lambert Davis who lends a certain majestic feel to these Orca whales.

In this story a boy and his dad are whale watching on the coast. This book generally explains how whales migrate. The father and son speculate on how the whales communicate with one another and they watch them surface and spout. Not much I can say about this book, really, except that if your child is a lover of ocean animals - check this book out!


  1. we've read mouse island I didn't remember it was a bunting book! it is really cute.

    my girls would like the whale book adding it to our library list.

  2. The other night I got to go to the library BY MYSELF! I had written down your suggestion of Eve Bunting as well as Cynthia X...the Poppleton books. Well, I came home with a Bunting, but no Poppleton. (Will have to order that through the larger library system.) There were lots of books by her, just not the Poppleton ones. We did grab a few. :)

    Fun books. Eve Bunting seems to have a wide range of books.