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Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby Can, by Eve Bunting

This was one of those books that just hits close to home about now! Baby Can, by Eve Bunting, was a perfect fit for us.

A new baby enters the home in this story, with an older brother watching on. The parents are excited by all of baby's developments. "Look! Baby can smile! Baby can roll over!" etc., etc. The older brother proves that he can do everything too!

The parents in this story are very affirming to both boys and it's a cute, lovable story in which family ties are emphasized and children's accomplishments heralded from the rooftops. Bookworm1 laughed when baby learned to burp. (Ahem.) Bookworm2 was fascinated by everything baby.

Six thumbs up in this case!


  1. I haven't read hardly any eve bunting books this one looks cute.

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