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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Read Aloud Thursday

Read-Aloud Thursday at Hope Is the Word

Back to a bit of randomness in our Read-Aloud Thursday posts. Here are some titles from the library book shelves that we enjoyed thoroughly these past few weeks:

Both the bookworms (ages 2 and 4) connected with Things I Like, by Anthony Browne. It's a perfect book for toddlers as it opens up discussions about what it is that each individual likes. In the case of our little monkey in the story here, he likes playing with toys, dressing up, building sandcastles, having a bath, hearing a bedtime story and the list goes on from there. The things he likes are some of the same things both my boys like so we had fun reading it and making up our own lists as we went along. Cute book. Easy, simple, straight forward.

The Big Sneeze, by Ruth Brown was another favorite of ours. Again, it's a very simple story with very few words on the page.

"One hot afternoon, the farmer and his animals were dozing in the barn. The only sound was the buzz-buzz of a lazy fly."

The lazy fly ends up landing on the farmer's nose which sets of a chain reaction which creates a bit of chaos in the barn. So much for a lazy afternoon nap! Cute book, funny ending. Highly recommended.

Lastly, for this week we enjoyed the following Christmas title (that I now seriously want to add to our home library and, in fact, threw it onto my Amazon wishlist so that I'll remember it):

Small Camel Follows the Star, by Rachel W.N. Brown is kind of like Small One (linked to my review) except for that it is about a camel instead of a donkey.

Small camel is the newest little camel in Balthazar's corral. His feet were too big for his skinny legs. He had a very small hump. But he had big beautiful eyes and long eyelashes.
"I love you," whispered his mama. "You will grow up to be strong. You will carry heavy loads to faraway places. Balthazar will be proud of you."
If you know the story of the wisemen following the star to Jesus, then you can guess at the role Small Camel eventually plays. Illustrated by Giuliano Ferri, this book is a feast. Ferri receives extra bonus points for illustrating Jesus as more of toddler than a baby.

Absolutely adorable story in every way and definitely one that I would like to remember to pull out again during the Christmas season.

That's what we have to share this week. What have you? Be sure to check out Hope is in the Word to see what others are reading aloud with their children these days!


  1. The sneeze book looks CUTE and we have Small Camel in our Christmas basket! It is a good one!

    So glad you played this week!

  2. The Big Sneeze looks really cute!! I'm going to restrain myself and NOT add the Christmas book to my list (though it looks really cute). After going a little crazy with Christmas books last year I'm trying to exercise more restraint this year. :)