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Reading My Library

Friday, January 7, 2011

Where's My Mommy? by Jo Brown

Two books loved by Bookworm2 (age 20 months) from this past library run:

Where's My Mommy?, by Jo Brown. You'll find it a similar read to Are You My Mother? and yet, it has a more cartoon-y feel to it. Furthermore, each of the animals which baby alligator is posing the question to runs through a series of antics that only they can do. Baby Alligator can't make the same sounds as the money and the elephant and he can't roll in the grass like the tiger. All he can do is SNAP! (And given the amount of times the alligator says "SNAP!" in this book, my 20 month old kept a grin on his face and giggled quite a bit.

Cute book for sure. Another book, also by Jo Brown, that we found was Hoppity Skip Little Chick.

In this book, Little Chick hatches before any of his brothers and sisters do and so his mama can't go out and play with him. She has to continue sitting on the eggs that remain. She sends Little Chick out to the barn yard to make friends and he has fun hopping and skipping in a cute rhyming fashion. At the end of the book Little Chick races home to show and tell his mama all of the things he learned that day and he discovers quite a few new playmates awaiting his company! Very cute.

Both of my boys liked this, but I would say that they are more geared towards ages 18-24 months. Extremely appealing with lots of animals sounds -- you really can't go wrong!


  1. You're back at it. Yay!

    The only problem is that you're still ahead of me--so you're reviewing all the good ones before I get to them! =) I'm excited to see that my library has Hoppity Skip Little Chick, so I should be reading it somewhere around June, maybe?

  2. The colours look great in these books - very bright and appealing.