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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

QUIET!, by Paul Bright

Some books you just know you are going to like simply by looking at the cover. The cover art just jumps out at you and half explains the book in the process and you know you've found a winner. That was true of Quiet!, written by Paul Bright and illustrated by Guy Parker-Reese.

The storyline is basic and familiar to all mothers everywhere. Mama Lion cannot get her young cub to fall asleep because there is so much noise in the jungle. She asks Papa Lion for some help. He lets out a loud ROAR and lets all of the animals know that the first one of them to make a noise that would wake his son will be promptly eaten.

The animals lapse into silence. For a time. There is some chattering of monkeys, some laughing from a hyena (no one knows why he's laughing) and some splashing from a local hippopotamus. Papa lion is ready to eat them all up, but Mama keeps holding him back, assuring him that despite the little bursts of noise, baby is still asleep.

Meanwhile, Papa is getting hungrier and hungrier. He starts to wish that baby would wake up so that Papa could go find a little food. Not too much longer and the jungle is rocked by a wild noise that ends up waking baby and the wrath of Mama. However, laughter soon ensues once they realize that it's PAPA lion's stomach growling.

Any mother who has ever tried to silence the world around her to have her child fall asleep (mostly so that she can have a little reprieve!) will love this book. Every child who has been asked to keep it down will understand the book. But mostly, any child who loves jungle animals and likes to be amused will enjoy this read. Again, the illustrations are a delight and had my son snickering along.

This book held up for multiple re-reads around this parts and was enjoyed by all.

We highly recommend it.


  1. That sure does looks like a fun book!

  2. Sounds very cute! I remember standing over my babies and just begging them to please sleep! The summer that the city dug up our street to install sewer lines and then they dug it up to replace the gas lines was especially challenging for napping!