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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Noisy Books, by Margaret Wise Brown

Margaret Wise Brown wrote a series of stories for her "Noisy" book series. Following a little dog named Muffin who has an exceptional sense of hearing, Brown explores the sounds of the world around us.

Muffin has a fine tuned sense of hearing which enables him to hear even the quietest of sounds and he is always off exploring to find out what these sounds might be. Each book in the series calls for interaction on the part of the readers. What is Muffin actually hearing? Can he hear fish swimming in the sea? Can he hear a man beginning a thought?

Following themes for each book, Muffin discovers sounds in the country, sounds in the city, sounds by the seashore and sounds indoors and out. Each title follows the same general story telling pattern: Muffin is introduced and the reader is then given a description of something that might make a particular noise. Of course, making sounds is a part of reading these books which just adds to the fun.

Here is a complete list of the Noisy books:

  • The City Noisy Book
  • The Country Noisy Book
  • The Indoor Noisy Book
  • The Quiet Noisy Book
  • The Seashore Noisy Book
  • The Summer Noisy Book
  • The Winter Noisy Book
And here are images of the cover art on most to help you identify them:

Our library had all but the City, Indoor and Summer Noisy books. I cannot find the images for the City or Summer Noisy books online.

It was fun to read through this series. Bookworm1 (age 4) rather enjoyed them although they weren't our Most Favorite Reads Ever. Cute and fun for thematic units but not entirely memorable in my humble opinion. You, of course, are free to your own! Anyway, they are worth a peek and so we present them to you!


  1. I've only ever had the chance to read two of these books. I wish I could get my hands on the others. True story - my sister named our first dog (I was 2 years old) "Muffin" because she was black and white and looked a little like the dog in these books.

  2. I didn't know she had so many noisy books, I love the art

  3. HI- I'm working on a bibliography of books by Margaret Wise Brown.
    There is one other Noisy Book;
    The Noisy Bird Book, illust. by Leonard Weisgard and published by William R. Scott in 1943-
    The title "The CIty Noisy Book" may be "The Noisy Book"
    even though "The CIty Noisy book" has been listed as being published in 1946, I can find no record of it. So it may be in fact "The Noisy Book" I'm still working on tracking it down.
    Please feel free to pull the photos I have of the Summer Noisy Book, The Noisy Book and The Noisy Bird Book from my website- just google btd-island and margaret wise brown- thanks- you have a great BLOG!