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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Fathers Are Coming Home, by Margaret Wise Brown

As soon as I saw the cover art on this book, I knew I would like it and want to highlight it. The Fathers are Coming Home tells the story of all kinds of fathers who come home in the evening.

For example: the fish father swims home to his fish children, the daddy longlegs goes home to his little daddy longlegs, the snail father "creeps slowly home to his little snails." But the best part of the book comes at the very end - with the sailor father comes home to his little boy.

The illustrations by Stephen Savage are simple and bold. Of course, the sailor depicted reminds me of the World War II era. However, I can't help but read this book and think about my modern day friends who bid their fathers farewell for a time so that their daddies can go to work defending our country and its liberties. I saw this book and thought about a dear friend of mine in particular who is preparing for her husband to leave on another cruise. Her sacrifice and his cannot and should not be overlooked. We so quickly and easily take for granted what it costs to maintain freedom in this glorious U.S. of A. This book, in its simple way, helps to remind us.

I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend it.

I also highly recommend being grateful to the men and women who faithfully serve and sacrifice so that we can be free. Not only them - but their families who give up time and life with their beloved family members. For us. And for a cause that is bigger than any one individual. Thank you, sailors and other members of the armed forces for your work!


  1. I thought sailors of WWII too. This looks like a real special book for dads!

  2. What a neat story. And I agree with you about being grateful.

    I think of a young woman in my old church who just left for her second tour in the Middle East, leaving behind her husband and two young children (four and almost two). These families make enormous sacrifices--and deserve our thanks.

  3. The picture made me think of military dads coming home. I was at the airport the other day with a mom with little kids looking for their dad, who has been deployed for the past year. I just said "thank you."

  4. Wow. The cover choked me up.
    I've seen so many brave children greet their own Daddy. That moment that everyone is finally together and safe is one of the most beautiful moments I've witnessed.

    Thank you CB!

  5. I've never seen this one. It looks fantastic!