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Reading My Library

Friday, October 1, 2010

Progress Report - October 2010

My last Progress Report was in June so I guess it's a bit time for an update!

Goal set for reading all of the children's picture books in our library:

Monday, September 28, 2009. I'm officially a year in now, and am much further behind than I EVER anticipated being! I somehow didn't factor in the following things:

  1. We added a second child to our family. There was a period of adjustment which did not involve going to the library for awhile.
  2. Summer. My husband and I are also wedding photographers and are therefore somewhat-to-extremely busy between June and August! The library doesn't factor in very well then.
  3. We are now expecting our third child and morning sickness refuses to let me go anywhere - least of all to the library!

Over the course of the past year I've learned to make this more of a fun challenge than my originally intention of a challenge challenge. This has to fit into life. I cannot force life into it. It's good to realize that and I'm happy (now) plugging along at a slower pace than I had originally set for myself.

Progress as of today's date:

I've read (according to the last name of the author) through the "A" section and am into the "Br" section.

Total number of picture books read:

By my count, 763.

Average number of times I go to the library during the week:


Average number of books checked out per visit:

I lost count of how many actual visits I've made to the library to collect books. However, I typically walk away with anywhere from 25-27 titles. (That's how many comfortably fit into the bag and allow me to juggle two toddlers at the same time without breaking my back.)

Favorite New-to-Me author I've discovered so far:

I think my latest would be Paulette Bourgeois, who penned the Franklin the Turtle books which we really have enjoyed.

Total amount of fines due so far:

$4.60 (Up $0.65 from the last time!)


  1. Somehow I always enjoy these reports...even if they aren't about specific books, they're still about a very cool experience! Franklin books are wonderful!

  2. I think you are doing fine. :)

  3. Way to go with keeping the fines down--I need to work on that. I'm much better than before, but I still "earn" about $20-30 worth of fines per year. However, as a librarian once reminded me, $20-30 is a small price to pay for the value I gain from my local library. According to my library's value calculator, I use about $7,800 worth of library materials every year. Yeah--definitely less than I pay in.

  4. I currently owe $5 to my library. All because of a Biggest Loser workout dvd that I thought was a 2 week loan but was only a one week loan. grrr... The policy is that you can have up to a $5 fine on the books and keep checking out materials. I'm waiting for Thanksgiving when they have a fine for canned goods program. :)

  5. You are doing better than me with your fines. Thankfully in September we could bring food in for the food pantry in exchange for eliminating the fines!