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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Read Aloud Thursday

Read-Aloud Thursday at Hope Is the WordTime again for another Read Aloud Thursday post over at Hope is in the Word and we're feeling random again!

Here are a couple of books we've found to read aloud out of our last library stack:

I don't like worms and bugs, as I've said before, but I did find Winnie Finn, Worm Farmer, by Carol Brendler to be quite a clever introduction to these (admittedly) necessary creatures.

Winnie Finn likes worms. She's crazy about them. But the trouble is that no one else seems to be!

The Quincy County Fair is coming up and Winnie really wants to enter her worms into a competition but there really isn't a prize she can win with her worms. Or is there?

The rest of the story explains how Winnie offers some of her worms to Mr. Abernathy who is raising corn to enter into the fair. His corn, with such excellent fertilizer, ends up winning first place! She also offers some worms to Mrs. Yamasaki-O'Sheridcan who is raising hens. Some worms end up helping to provide shiny coats for some puppies that Mr. Peasley is raising.

As the story explains - worms are useful! Maybe they can't win a prize at the fair all on their own, but first prize ribbons start - with worms! Here is a picture of the inside illustrations, done by Ard Hoyt, to give you a feel for the artwork.

Not all of the pages look like this. Most are traditional full page spread illustrations but this one page just helps you picture the style of artwork.

Next up we read Mr. Tall and Mr. Small, by Barbara Brenner. The cover art you see here is from the 1966 edition - I'm guessing. Our library has a 1994 edition with illustrations by Mike Shenon and the pictures look a little different. The edition that we read is a bit more cartoonish. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a picture of it online to show you the difference.

At any rate, this is a story of an unlikely friendship between a giraffe and a mouse - each of whom think that they are better than the other. They argue back and forth as to who is best until the end of the story when an emergency causes them to realize the beauty and benefits that each of them are in possession of, thanks to their individual sizes. You could definitely read this as a political statement, if you are focused on the 1994 new edition. However, I kinda think it's just a cute story of two animals realizing that each of them have been created uniquely beautiful.

I'd be very curious to see a copy of the 1966 edition but we did enjoy the book that we found.

Lastly, given the fact that we enjoyed Franklin the Turtle so much, I checked out the library's copy of Franklin and the Baby (different from Franklin's Baby Sister) which is "based on the characters created by Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark." This story has more to do with the television series and the illustrations definitely look like a cartoon. However, it's still Franklin and it's still a subject matter that is rather near and dear to our hearts at the moment! Bookworm1 enjoyed it thoroughly and I gave up counting how many times we read it. I'm definitely looking to add some Franklin stories to our home library because they go over so well with Bookworm1 and, I confess, I rather enjoy them myself!

So that's what we read this week. What about you? I hope you'll consider sharing as part of the Read Aloud Thursday challenge over at Hope is in the Word!


  1. Winnie Finn looks fun! It reminds me a little of another book we have called Violet the Pilot -- about a girl who builds contraptions out of stuff she finds in the junkyard.

    Haven't heard of the other two either... We have a copy of Franklin's Bad Day (I think that's what it's called) and I like its gentleness.

  2. We need that worm book--my girls love 'em!

    Thanks for linking up! :-)

  3. I love worms and happily hold them each time I garden. Luckily my daughter seems to like holding them too but I can't get my toddler son to warm up to the idea. As for the second book, someone should start a blog comparing different editions of books. I find it very interesting.