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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Read Aloud Thursday - Jan Brett edition

Read-Aloud Thursday at Hope Is the WordRead Aloud Thursday time over at Hope is in the Word!

Well, as you know, we had a library bag full of Jan Brett titles these past few weeks and so guess what we've spent a lot of time reading? Yeah, you guessed it. (What a smart cookie you are!)

I'm feeling a little lazy today when it comes to typing up descriptions of each title so I've linked it to Amazon and if you are unfamiliar with any particular book, hop on over and read the description. (Cheating, yes. Morning sickness again? Yes!)

Here were some of our favorite titles, and why:

The Umbrella - a story set in Costa Rica. Amazon describes this book as a tropical twist on The Mitten title and that's absolutely correct. Animals gather on the umbrella until a tiny little hummingbird knocks the whole crew into the water. We read this book before reading The Mitten and so I thought this was a pretty cute story. After we read The Mitten I was less impressed with it because it's the same story - a pile up of animals where a little creature causes the whole scheme to fall apart. Other than the artwork, the story lost its unique appeal. (Yes, that's a Jan Brett complaint from me!) Bookworm1, on the other hand, didn't really notice the difference and loved looking at all the animals in the rain forest.

Gingerbread Baby was a favorite of both of ours. We had never read this book before (or any of the titles in this particular post) and so it was a fun treat to discover. Bookworm1 liked it well enough to suggest we add it to our collection. Last week I found a hardback copy of the book for $1.99 which is a steal so I'm glad to have it for us to read again this upcoming holiday season.

The Hat was very clever and we particularly enjoyed looking at the illustrations surrounding the story as we saw clothes disappearing from the wash line. Extremely cute and this title received many a requested re-read. I'm thinking that we'll have to add this one to our home library as well.

Now, the next two titles I was a little surprised to find Bookworm1 enjoying so much. But enjoy them he did! We've never read about trolls and I wasn't sure what he'd think of the illustrations. He was not phased at all and enjoyed the silly little trolls. So apparently I worried for nothing and we enjoyed both Trouble with Trolls and Christmas Trolls.

It should be noted that before bedtime Daddy asked Bookworm1 if he would like to play or read a book and the Christmas Trolls was selected for a reading. IT BEAT OUT PLAYTIME BEFORE BED, FOLKS! I don't think a book can receive a higher recommendation now! =D (I was really rather surprised!)

I did run into some Brett titles that I honestly didn't like but all of the above were enjoyed by us all and so I'm happy to recommend them. But then - guffaw! - it's Jan Brett. She's a talented lady, a really fun story teller and there are plenty of delightful stories to read. So glad that we've had a chance to become better acquainted with her!

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  1. You had never read Gingerbread Baby before?! We have a collection of 3 winter-ish board books and that's one of them. We always pull it out around Christmas, make gingerbread cookies (or just eat the Little Debbie ones) and read the book. I think The Mitten and The Hat are the other 2 in the collection. We also have Hedgie's Surprise. And another about an armadillo in Texas.