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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meeting Jan Brett

No, I haven't met Jan Brett. But I know someone who has!

Amy at Hope is in the Word followed the Brett bus and met this author and illustrator when she was on tour for her latest title, The Easter Egg. (Thankfully, this was one of the titles on our library's shelf so I was finally able to read it!)

Amy and her family made a day out of meeting Brett and Hedgie and she shares her story (and a lot of pictures) over at Hope is the Word! It's a really fun post to read and I highly recommend it.

CLICK HERE to read about the Hope is in the Word household experience!

Here is a Penguin Storytime Special in which Jan Brett shares how she drew Hoppy in The Easter Egg:

I love how she kind of talks to her drawing as she explains what she's doing!

Enjoy hearing Amy's story and watching this video today!


  1. I loved that video. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I remember reading her post earlier in the year. I've read The Easter Egg but not Brett's newest The 3 Little Dassies. She's on tour again!