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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Celebrating the Seasons

I thought these two books were unique and definitely worth a mention! Written by Linda Crotta Brennan and illustrated by Mari Takabayashi, each one focuses on the warm comfort of family during various seasons.

Each one is told in short sentence rhymes - which isn't typically a favorite form of story telling for me, I do confess. However, I like the sentiment of each book enough to roll with it.

Marshmallow Kisses talks about life in the summer time.

"Sun sings.
Wings fan.
Swing on porch
with toast and jam."

Each illustration focuses on some part of summer - from lazy days at the beach to picnics under large trees. You just feel lazy and warm all over as you flip through this book. It concludes with:

"Neighbors visit
into the night.
Marshmallow kisses
by firefly light."
Flannel Kisses takes place during - you guessed it! - the winter months.

"Flannel sheets,
Cold floor,
Hot oatmeal,
Out the door!"

Whereupon the children dash out into the snow in snowsuits and sticky snow. There are snowball fights and they build snowmen. They come inside and eat warm soup.

"Fireside story,
Say good night,
Flannel kisses
By pale starlight."

As I said, I think these books are both sentimental and capture the feelings you have as you celebrate the various seasons. I cannot find any evidence online of their being any additional titles in this series so I am supposing it was concluded with these two books. I'm sorry not to see a book for Spring and Fall but I'm delighted we were able to read the two books mentioned above.

If you are looking for something short, sweet and perfectly cozy to read while discussing seasons - add these to your list!

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  1. I've added these to my LIST to check out later. I want to read them in their appropriate seasons. Thanks for the review. :)