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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lovin' on the Little Ones

I like books that affirm love to children. I've labeled such books "Love and Kisses" on this site so if you go to the side bar and look under that label, you'll find books that share this theme.

Reminding our children that we love them is an important job, a big job, and sometimes a very overwhelming one! Books that help aid us in doing so are worth a mention in my book (pardon the pun) so here are a few I was delighted to find in my library bag this past week:

I Loved You Before You Were Born, by Anne Bowen is told from the grandmother's perspective. It's a book that will make perfect sense to any grandmother out there who is fit to burst with pride over her little grandbabies. It affirms to the grandchild that the grandmother was happy to hear the news of the new person's birth and expresses eager anticipation to meet the grandchild.

"Even before you were born,
I was your grandma
and I loved you."

When Bookworm1 was born I asked both of his grandmother's to write a letter to him that I could put in his scrapbook. They both expressed the same sentiment to him. (Given the fact that my mother-in-law died a few months after his birth - having a letter around to assure him that he was oh-so-very-loved is extremely special and important!)

Heart in the Pocket, by Laurence Bourguignon tells the story of a baby kangaroo who never wants to leave his mother but wants to stay close to her pocket and her heart. She tempts him with adventures beyond the pocket but he won't go. Finally she explains that no matter where he goes, he will always be in her heart which is not, by the way, in her pocket.

It's a story of exploration and affirmation of love from the parent. No matter what the child does or where they go - their parents are not going to forget them and there is an unconditional love for the child.

Definitely a winner of a book if you're looking for a special way to say "I Love You" to your young reader - especially the one who is a bit tentative about leaving your side. (I have one of those but I can't say that I mind it! I like having my kids close to me!)

For what they are worth (which, I think, is a great deal) here are some fun books for you to enjoy!

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