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Monday, August 2, 2010

For The List Makers in Your Life

Some books are almost better suited for adults. Know what I mean? Some picture books are better understood and appreciated by the adult reader than the kid. I'm not talking about inappropriateness here. I'm talking about good, clean fun that strike a chord with the more mature reader of the book who has some additional life experience under their belts.

Take Wallace's Lists, by Barbara Bottner and Gerald Kruglik for example. This book was made for my husband and myself. Truly.

Wallace is a shy mouse who lives on lists. He makes lists for everything. The "to do" list, a list of funny words, a list of things he hates, etc. Life is a set of lists.

Albert on the other hand doesn't do lists. At all. He just lives by the seat of his pants and enjoys thrills and adventures. Furthermore, he frequently changes his mind about what he might like to do in any given moment.

Wallace thinks he might like to go on an adventure but, of course, some kind(s) of a list will be necessary in order to do so. Albert would rather not make lists. Albert sets out to take Wallace on an adventure that does not involve a list.

"I changed my mind," Albert boasted.
Wallace was dumbfounded.
"Changing my mind is an adventure," Albert explained.
"I don't like adventures," said Wallace.
"An adventure can be anything. Anything that isn't planned for."
"You mean anything that isn't on a list?" asked Wallace.
"Exactly!" said Albert.
"Do you ever use a map?" Wallace continued. "I have lots of maps!"
"I don't need maps," said Albert, "because wherever I go, there I am."

Seriously!?!? This book should have been included in our pre-marital counseling sessions! This book is so US! One of us grew up on lists. One of us might have, but doesn't really remember. One us likes to know exactly where we're headed. The other is content to drive about "aimlessly" with a cup of coffee later in the evening, just to relax and listen to music in the car.

Can you guess which is which!?

This book is AWESOME! Polar opposites meet up and become friends and ultimately realize that they need each other to balance one another out! One needs to explore and have fun, just for the sake of doing it. The other could stand to be a little more organized about life in general.

I don't think Jonathan or I are the extremes of Albert and Wallace from this book - but it definitely casts a humorous light on our basic tendencies.

I didn't even bother reading this one to the Bookworms. I just enjoyed it for myself. Some picture books are made just for this purpose - and Wallace's Lists is one of them!


  1. I've definitely run across a few of those "more for adult readers than for children" as I've been reading. This one sounds great (I'm a list-maker myself and have to adjust to "go with the flow" every so often.)

  2. What a fun book!! I'm definitely a list maker though I am making an effort this summer to be more spontaneous. I just find things go smoother for our family if I'm prepared ahead of time. ;) My hubby is also a list maker but about completely different things than me. Which gives us balance, which is good.