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Monday, July 26, 2010

Activities at Your Local Library

Every year our library hosts their annual summer time Teddy Bear Picnic. We've made it the last two years. This year the weather was absolutely stunning and perfect.

Here we are enjoying the entertainment provided by Greta Pedersen. I checked out Pedersen's blog and found her post about the Teddy Bear Picnic if you want to see more pictures (and the boy with the stuffed snake!)

Per usual, our local children's librarians pulled together an entertaining program. I think I enjoyed this year more than last (although we did forget to bring our favorite animal friends along with us!) It's so fun seeing so many moms and children flood Central Park. We sat amongst day care groups, moms with babies and lots and lots of stuffed, furry creatures.

Then, just this past week, Bookworm1 and I attended the Under the Sea Party hosted by our friendly librarians. They picked out ocean-themed reading materials and songs. The room was filled with various craft stations and a fishing game. The theme alone was enough to send Bookworm1 to the moon and back but the librarian also picked one of our FAVORITE shark books:

Smiley Shark, by Ruth Galloway. We quoted the book while the librarian read it aloud. I have the thing almost 100% memorized now because we have read it so many, many times!

As an aside, Playing by the Book featured this particular shark title (and a few others) in a Fantastic Fiction for Kids - Sharks! post. (BTW, Happy One Year Anniversary to Playing by the Book! ;) If you haven't yet checked out her site, you may very well want to do so as she comes up with fantastic activities to go along with the books she and her children are reading! Amazing stuff!

We were also introduced to a new (to us) book entitled I'm The Biggest Thing in the Ocean.

This was a huge hit and we're going to have to check that one out to read again on our own time.

Following the books and singing, we made ourselves a jellyfish and an octopus at the various craft stations and we brought home a treasure chest to share with Bookworm2.

We had a ton of fun!

We really do have a marvelous local library that plan and organize some great reading times and activities for kids. We appreciate their efforts.

Does your library do anything like this and, if so, what activities and events have you taken advantage of? Have any links to share? Stick them in the comment section below!

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  1. Our library has activities but I always feel like the librarians HATE being their. Which is really sad because we have a huge children's library. Their summer reading theme this year is oceans or water or splash into reading or something like that.

    YOUR librarians seem to do an amazing job of inspiring children to love reading!!