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Reading My Library

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

While I get my act together...

We've been reading through our library stack which we collected yesterday and so I'll be writing up reviews and highlights on our favorites which will start popping up next week.

In the meantime, today we also went to the Teddy Bear Picnic hosted by our local library which they hold every year. I have some pictures of that to stick up here, along with some information about the performer who kept the children engaged with the event. Just kinda poking along and picking up the pace again.

In the meantime, have you heard of Bella the Rabbit, by Mandy Stanley? You might also know Bella by her UK name - Lettice. Tiger Tales Books have just picked up the series and is redistributing them in the U.S. This little bunny is awfully cute. I reviewed the two titles just released over on Reading to Know and I also have a set of the books to give away. If you'd like to leave a comment over there you might just win. And, if that fails, you can always check and see if your local library has them!

And the other thing I am excited about (which I host yearly over at Reading to Know) is the Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge which starts TOMORROW! (July 1st, 2010)

Chronicles of Narnia

To find out more about that you can read my introductory post.

So, if I'm not talking library books around these parts, I'll definitely be focusing on Narnia related activities because I have plans to take Bookworm1 into Narnia with me this year! (There are plenty of children's book resources to bring Narnia to life for the younger kids. You just have to hunt harder for them!) I'm excited to share these books with my own sons - and anyone else I can drag along for the ride. Care to come with us to Narnia? I hope you will consider it! There will be more information about the start of the challenge (which also has a giveaway, yes!) tomorrow over on Reading to Know.

Ok....back to the books....

Looking forward to the summer time and finding more books! Thanks for your warm welcome back into this challenge. Sure do appreciate the encouraging notes!

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