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Reading My Library

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Status Report - June 2010

Since it has been a little while, I'm going to give a little update as to where I'm at as of today with this challenge:

Goal set for reading all of the children's picture books in our library:

Monday, September 28th

Progress as of today's date:

I've read (according to the last name of the author) through the "A" section and am into the "Bo" section.

Total number of picture books read:

By my count, 627.

Average number of times I go to the library during the week:


Average number of books checked out per visit:

I've made about 17 trips to the library, bringing the average number of books checked out per visit to about 36.

Favorite New-to-Me author I've discovered so far:

Today I discovered that Felicia Bond (illustrator for the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series) is a book author as well as an illustrator. I was sitting and reading through a book by Bond, thinking that the pig looked an awful lot like the pancake variety-type and made the connection. I didn't know she had penned her own books as well but the book was a requested re-read. I think we've read this particular title (soon to be reviewed) at least six times today alone.

Total amount of fines due so far:

$3.95 (Up $0.60 from the last time!)

1 comment:

  1. We love the Mouse AND the Pig so I'll have to look for the books by Felicia Bond. I can't believe you've read 627 books in less than a year! Even if they are picture books, that's impressive!!!