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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Read Aloud Thursday - Poetry Edition

Read-Aloud Thursday at Hope Is the WordHey there everyone! Ok, so it's been quiet around here. We've had a lot of guests come through lately and so I haven't made it back to the library. That's my goal for today - get a new load! Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, we've pulled from our home shelves in honor of National Poetry Month. I reviewed a few new poetry titles at Reading to Know today and then scoured our own book shelves and read through the following two books with the Bookworms:

We received a copy of First Poems of Childhood from a dear friend back when Bookworm1 was more of a young sprout than he is now. I had forgotten about it and found it tucked away between some Thomas the Tank engine books. Out it came and we sing-sang our way through this particular book. We were given a 1967 edition of this book and it has a nice, classic feel to it. It includes poems by George MacDonald, Robert Lous Stevenson and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. I feel like we definitely got a little Poetry Education from reading this.

Truthfully, some of the words are above Bookworm1's head but I am of the opinion that it's a good thing to read above a youngster's reading level every now and again. It aspires them to greater reading heights when you do so! Our favorite poem in this book was "The Table and the Chair" by Edward Lear which caused a few giggles and snickers. The idea that tables and chairs can go out on an afternoon stroll was quite silly and appealed to our funny bones.

Speaking of funny bones, one of our consistent favorite reads in this house is Aaron Zenz's The Hiccupotamus. I've had a delightful time getting to know Mr. Zenz and his remarkable children through their blog Bookie Woogie. If you've not yet met them, I'd encourage yourself to high tail it off and make an introduction!

The Hiccupotamus is silly, silly, silly. As Bookworm1 is rather prone to hiccuping, we'd actually quote from this book quite a lot.

"There was a hiccupotamus who hiccuped quite-a-lotamus and every time he got'emus . . . He'd fall upon his bottomus."

It's a really fun read about a bunch of animals who are trying to help the hippo get over a bad case of some hic-hic-hiccups! In the end, the hippos is relieved of his malady but the other animals fall prey to this particular annoying ailment. I think this is a topic most of humanity can identify with at some point or another and, particularly, Bookworm1. So we enjoy it.

At any rate, these are two of our top suggestions for Books to Find At Your Local Library in Honor of Poetry Month. =) Do you have any suggestions for us?

Are you playing along with Read Aloud Thursday? Don't forget that Amy at Hope in the Word has relocated her blog so follow this link to update your browsers and participate in Read Aloud Thursday!


  1. Both of these look great. I didn't realize Bookie Woogie was an author -- The Hiccupotamus looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Can you believe I haven't scared up a copy of Bookie Wookie's book? I can't. I must remedy that.

    I love reading poetry to my girls, but I admit it's something I forget to do sometimes.

    Hmmm. . . you've given me an idea. . . maybe I need to make it a personal goal to focus on poetry this month since it IS poetry month!

    That first book looks great, too--a real classic!

  3. Bookie Woogie is a wonderful, entertaining blog. We do need to find a copy of that hippo book!

  4. My son loved Hiccupotamus when he was younger. The First Poems of Childhood looks delightful.

  5. Both books are new too me. I love that you featured THE FIRST POEMS OF CHILDHOOD for National Poetry Month! And our house loves silly books so HICCUPOTAMUS looks adorable.