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Friday, April 9, 2010

National Library Week.....

Since I DID make it to the library last night, I'll have plenty to say next week! If you don't often make it to your library (guffaw! You probably wouldn't be on this site unless you are a regular library user!) then next week might be a good week to check out what's going on at your local library!

Our local library is pretty good about hosting all kinds of events for the community. They host regular story times for all ages. We've attended children's parties, activities, music and magic shows and a variety of other things. A few weeks ago, we had a chance to pop in and see the huge model train exhibit that was set up a few weeks back. Here are a couple of pictures from that:

For my little Thomas fan, this was a fun treat!

What are some fun activities and events that your library has hosted? What kinds of things are you most likely to attend with your children? I'd be curious to know!


  1. I love the picture of the old man looking intently at the trains - it just captures the wonder!

  2. Our library does lots but one of the problems I have is that you have to prebook all of them and with little kids who are ill or just in one of those moods I can't be sure if I'll make it to an event until about half an hour before. Once I booked and then didn't turn up and then got told off in no uncertain terms (of course they know me at the library because we're there so often). I understand why they like prebooking, but with little kids I find this system doesn't work so well. PLUS lots of things are held in the early afternoon - which is nap time (I don't think my youngest is the only one in the world who naps after lunch??) and so no good for either my youngest or my eldest (as I can't go out when J is sleeping). All this complaining, but really I love our library. It's just that we don't get to do their activities very often!