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Monday, April 12, 2010

Barefoot Books - Publisher Highlight

My latest stash from the library included a great many titles from Barefoot Books. We've collected a few Barefoot Book titles for our own home library and I'm delighted to be able to explore more of their line through our local library. Since libraries don't really let you search for books by publisher (that would be crazy, admittedly, and I might be the only person who would ever use such a feature!) then I would point you to the Barefoot Books website to see what they offer. THEN go browse your library catalog and see what you can dig up!

The thing that I would say Barefoot Books does best is offer a multicultural reading experience. Since we are an adoptive family, we've paid extra attention to trying to find books with illustrations that show families and communities with ethnic diversity within the features of the illustrated characters. People of all colors appear in Barefoot Books - but not in a manner that is obnoxiously over the top! Instead, you open a Barefoot Book and it just feels natural and normal. For us, this is important.

Barefoot Books was created by two mothers and their mission, if you will, is stated thus (taken from the Barefoot Books website:)

Barefoot Books began with two mothers who wanted their children to have books that would feed the imagination, while instilling a respect for diversity and a love of the planet. Today, we are a world-wide community of writers, artists, storytellers, musicians, and others who are committed to providing timeless stories and captivating art that can help children become happy, engaged members of a global society.

Some of our favorite books from their line are their books with singalong CD's. Our top favorite is The Animal Boogie:

Fred Penner provides the beat for this fun tune about animals you would find in the jungle.

We also have enjoyed their Port Side Pirates! book (which I've written about before) with its ongoing refrain:

Oh we go this way, that way
port side, starboard
over the deep blue sea!

(On this one, we purchased the book without the CD and so we make up our own tune when we want one.)

Barefoot Books offers any number of reading and learning experiences, and no, I'm not being paid a penny to say any of this! I just really appreciate the books that they publish and the efforts they put in to making the world seem a little smaller in a manner that suits our family well. This week you'll see some of their specific titles pop out and I'll point out when something is a Barefoot Book. This is one of those companies where their look is so distinctive, it's easy to spot them with a little practice.

To get going on your Barefoot adventure though, I'd check out their website and if your library is any bit as good as ours, I bet you'll have a lot of luck finding what you are looking for!

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  1. I'm a big fan of barefoot books too - as you say, they offer a lovely multicultural reading that is just "normal", and the illustrations are nearly always utterly wonderful.