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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


AHHH! I thought these two books were so cute! Bookworm1 admittedly lost interest, but I read both of them in perfect, rapturous delight!

In Home Before Dark and Teddy's Snowy Day, both by Ian Beck, we meet Teddy, who is apt to get lost. He belongs to Lily and she does try to take very good care of him. However, he falls into various mishaps, such as falling off of window sills and out of strollers, and is forgotten, only occasionally, by his little girl. He ends up taking day long adventures in all kinds of weather but always finds his way home to Lily at night. Just in time to be tucked into bed! Whew!

These books deal excellent with the concept of seasons. As it might be gathered, in Teddy's Snowy Day, it is winter time and Teddy has a glorious time playing in the snow. However, when night falls he's ready for Lily and her very warm bed. Helped out by a jolly old soul, Teddy takes a sleigh ride home and finishes the day right where he belongs!

In Home Before Dark teddy has quite a time of things in the autumn wind and rain. He wants to get home so badly but runs into all sorts of delays and is a very miserable bear indeed. However, once again, he is returned properly.

These books would also make good bedtime stories. Ian Beck has created a very lovable bear. One could argue that the world doesn't really need any additional bears but I think we can make an itty bitty exception for Teddy. He's adorable. He knows how to have fun. He knows where to find love - with his little girl.

Two thumbs up from mommy on these!

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  1. These books look adorable. I will have to add them to my library list to pick up.