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Reading My Library

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Best Book to Read

"Hooray! It's a trip to the library today.
We line up as we get off the bus.
We've been specially invited. Our class is excited!
The librarian is welcoming us."
If you and your little ones make frequent trips to the library, try to find a copy of The Best Book to Read, by Debbie Bertram and Susan Bloom. You'll particularly want to read this book if you know your librarians well and they know you. This book is all about how librarians love to help children explore their library and find books that will be of interest to them. It's an encouragement to read, read, read, read (and then perhaps read a little bit more!)

"Picture books, chapter books, books that pop up,
nonfiction, and fairy tales, too.
You may look by yourselves.
Take some books from the shelves.
Then check out the best book for you."

Here's another shot from our library (this one was taken by Jonathan):

Another question I put to our librarian during our recent visit was "Who Chooses Which Books to Order?" Haven't you always wondered who holds such power and prestige?! Apparently in our library, the librarians rotate sections that they are responsible for. Every two years they change sections so for one period of time an individual will be in charge of ordering non-fiction and then the next time they will be responsible for early readers. This allows each individual a chance to dabble in the collection. That's kind of fun, isn't it?

That's also another (good) reason why I would not make for a good librarian. I would want to be in charge of ordering ALL of the books ALL of the time. Every single last one! The power!!! Buuhhaa haa haa haa!! Cue the music:

Maybe I just need to keep on believing that tax payers will appoint me to this position. Then again, maybe I should redirect my focus elsewhere....


  1. I would LOOOOVE to be a librarian someday! SIGH For me, THAT, is perfection!

  2. I keep wondering who picks the books at our library. I thought of you last weekend (before The Flood) when I came home from my libraries annual used book sale with about 30 books for $13! I practically danced all the way to the van!! :)