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Monday, March 15, 2010

Bad Hair Day?

In How Emily Blair God Her Fabulous Hair, by Susan Garrison, we meet young Emily who likes playing with hair. She particularly enjoys playing with her friend, Pamela Pain's, hair. Pamela's hair is beautifully curly. It can be styled in so many gorgeous ways! Pamela seemed to have no trouble looking like a princess or a mysterious movie star with her gorgeous golden curls.

Emily, on the other hand, has the straightest hair known to woman! She can't get a curl out of it to save her life! Frustration sets in, disgruntlement, and envy of Pamela's locks (does this sound a bit familiar to any of you gals out there, or are you perfectly content with your hair?!) Finally, Pamela tells her friend and hairstylist that she would like to try something new with Emily's hair.

It turns out, of course, that straight hair is best for braiding! Pamela's hair doesn't braid very well and so Emily is delighted to discover that her hair is uniquely beautiful in its own right.

My hair can't seem to decide if it wants to be curly or straight and so I sympathize with both of these young girls and particularly with Emily, who fusses and frets because her hair NEVER does what she wants it to!

I didn't even bother reading this one to Bookworm1. I'm not so sure that man at any age can really understand this dilemma we girls have taming our hair! Instead, I enjoyed this one alone and snickered to myself. And, having just been referred to a new hair stylist, wondered when I should give them a call.

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  1. What a cute book! I'm sure you are alone at your house in appreciating its charm! :) I just had my haircut Saturday. It looked great when she was done. But sadly I can never replicate what she did. {sigh} Makes me wish I could buzz my head like I do the male members of my family.