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Reading My Library

Monday, February 8, 2010

We're Back in the Tote Bag Again...

Hey, hey, hey! The library shuffle appears to be over (at least to a large extent) and so I popped in tonight to check out the new (and confusing) layout. I reoriented myself and hauled home some new books in my Patty Reed Insta-tote bag (which was gifted to me by my friend, Sky!). My bag is the bright red poppy bag, the design of which you can see on the left hand side here.

If you want a bag that can HAUL it like nobody's business, check out these green friendly bags. Seriously, Sky, THANKS! This bag has carried heavy loads for me for over a year now and every time I use it I think of you and am grateful for your friendship. So consider yourself intimately involved in this reading challenge. After all, your bag is doing all of the grunt work!


  1. I love my tote bags! I use them for everything, they can hold so much!
    That black and poppy one is one of my favorite designs.

  2. Okay... my birthday is next month, I am telling my Mr to buy be some of those totes!