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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Read Aloud Thursday

Read-Aloud Thursday at Hope Is the WordTime for another Read Aloud Thursday, hosted by Hope is in the Word.

Naturally, all of our Reading Aloud posts are about animals. Would you honestly expect anything different? Animals being our passion these days, you really shouldn't. These are the books we've been spending our time with the last few days...

(Sorry for the fuzzy image of Tickly, Prickly.) Both of the above books have one thing in common: they use silly words. This makes them hugely enjoyable, naturally.

Tickly Prickly, by Bonny Becker is really quite enjoyable and we both really liked this one. It opens as follows:

"Did you ever have a ladybug crawl across your finger?
How did it feel?
Tickly, prickly. Fly away quickly."
Each page spread on this book asks you if you had some kind of experience feeling an animal and then it describes the experience as a possibility. Was it "whisper fluttery"? "Puffy. Peeping. Fluffy. Sleeping"? It's a cute and cuddly read aloud sort of book and we feel we must highly recommend it.

Itty Bitty, by Cece Bell tells the story of a little dog named Itty Bitty. Itty Bitty is tiny, tiny and makes his home inside of a dog bone. He's that small! This story documents his journey in trying to make his house a home, buying furniture in the Teeny-Weeny Department Store. Naturally, this book produces an adequate amount of chuckles. I didn't think the story was all that impressive but Bookworm1 thoroughly enjoyed it and I have to admit that it was pretty cute.

Another of our favorites was A Mud Pie for Mother, by Scott Beck. It is mother pig's birthday and Little Pig wants to give her a very special birthday present. At first he thinks he will pick a flower for her but he is interrupted by a bee who asks Little Pig not to take it away from him. Next, Little Pig thinks he will take his mother some hay, but he discovers that the hay belongs to the resident cow, who requests that Little Pig leave it be. As the story moves along, Little Pig is turned away from every gift idea that he thinks of, discovering that the items he thinks he would like to give to his mother belong to someone else. The thing that I love about this book is that each time another animal requests that Little Pig not take away their possessions, Little Pig politely complies. At the end of the story, all of the animals give him something in return for his helpful kindness and obedience. The cow gives him milk, the bee gives him honey, etc., and Little Pig is able to gift his mother with a wonderful, delicious breakfast.

It is a story of respect, honor, kindness and obedience that, in the end, is adequately rewarded. I think this book is a little unsuspecting. It looks so simple on its face but the message of the book is strong and makes for a good story through which you can talk about how to respect others with your little ones. Totally loved this book!

Last, but certainly not least, is Bookworm1's personal favorite which is Little Otter's Big Journey, by David Bedford. In this story, Little Otter's mother is going to dive down to hunt for some food for Little Otter to eat. He is too afraid to go with her, so she wraps him up in some warm seaweed and tells him to wait for her. The problem is that he drifts along and drifts along until he is out to sea. The sea lions tell him he's gone to far and finally a whale meets up with him and offers to go find his mother for him and tell her where he is! (Note: the whale.) Of course, mother and baby are reunited with mother promising that she will always come and find Little Otter, even if he is lost. She advises him to stick close to her which I found somewhat confusing. She left him. But whatever. He floated off and got lost and they had to be reunited. Since one of our topics of conversations around these parts is not to wander away from us when we're out in public and our frequent phrase is, "Stick with me!" I found this topic relevant. It's cute and it contains our favorite animals so I'll recommend it along with him.

What are you reading with your kiddoes these days? Play along with us at Hope is in the Word, won't you? Looking forward to discovering books along with you!


  1. What a great collection! I don't think I'll ever outgrow funny word books. And I'm enjoying all the places whales show up!

  2. Bonny Becker is kind of a silly sounding name, too. Is that the same Bonny Becker that wrote A Visitor For Bear? I do love that book.

  3. Oh, we LOVE Bonny Becker if she is indeed the author of A Visitor for Bear! I'll have to scout around for that one. The wordplay sounds delightful!

    We've also had A Mudpie for Mother--it's a sweet one.

    Some great selections this week, Carrie!

  4. I like the sound of Tickly Prickly! And (on a slightly random note) I'll share with you a recent blog I've found which I enjoy Itty Bitty Love - http://ittybittylove.blogspot.com/

    I'm nothing to do with the blog, but there's lots of good stuff there, and what with your itty bitty book I thought it would be good to share!

  5. We love Tickly Prickly at our house. It has great rhymes which makes it fun to read aloud. We were lucky enough to find it at a library book sale.