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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Mystery Bear: A Purim Story

Today, for those of you who aren't aware, marks the start of Purim (starts at sundown). I came across a copy of The Mystery Bear: A Purim Story, by Leone Adelson early on in this challenge and marked it as one I would want to purchase for our home library. I followed through and snagged a copy through Amazon and I'm so glad I did! We'll be reading this book tonight with our boys.

In this story we meet Little Bear who is woken up from his winter slumber. He's kinda hungry. He wanders out of his cave and follows his nose to a house by the river. Little Bear sees a crowd of people on parade, dressed in various costumes, but he only has eyes for the food in their hands. Of course, he has stumbled upon a Purim celebration.

No, we're not Jewish and I don't mean to insult the faith or tweak anything out of contest by celebrating it as a family. Merely, we want to celebrate what God has done in our own lives, marking the day and learning the story of Queen Esther and the Jews. So we'll have a mini family celebration, read some books, eat some hamantaschen and read about Esther and the reason for Purim. We will thank God for the many blessings in our lives and remember the work He has done and is continuing to do for each one of us. That will be our point and purpose and I'm glad to have this book to help explain the history behind the celebration to our children. It is an amazingly rich history and part of a bigger story we are sharing with our children every day. It's exciting for me to think about and plan for it. I'm looking forward to this evening!


  1. I did a Beth Moore study on Esther and wow! what a beautiful testimony of God's love and plan for our lives!
    I feel a certain kinship with some Hebrew holidays too!

  2. I read this one on my way through my library, too--and I thought it was great.

  3. Looks like another one to add to my Check Out list. :)