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Monday, February 8, 2010

Brambly Hedge

I mildly suspect that I've missed out on this series of books and set of characters and that I'm one of the last to know. From the looks of things online, Brambly Hedge is fairly well-known. But I'VE only known of it just recently.

Our library had the season books on the shelf and I was delighted to sit down and breeze through them.

Knowing nothing about Brambly Hedge, I was grateful to see the following introduction in Spring Story:

"For many generations, families of mice have made their homes in the roots and trunks of the trees of Brambly Hedge, a dense and tangled hedgerow that borders the field on the other side of the stream.

The Brambly Hedge mice lead busy lives. During the fine weather, they collect flowers, fruits, berries and nuts from the Hedge and surrounding fields, and prepare delicious jams, pickles and preserves that are kept safely in the Store Stump for the winter months ahead."

In the Spring we find the mice going on a picnic which involves a secret birthday surprise party for one little mouse. In the summer, they are involved with a wedding which is a predictable summertime activity, of course. The fall story involves a young field mouse getting lost in the woods when she was supposed to have been blackberry picking with her father. Lastly, in the Winter Story we come upon the mice planning a Snow Ball.

Delightful. Cute. Charming. Why have I not heard of them before?

Again, this is a set of books I would so snap up for keeps if I had a girl. In the meantime, I enjoyed some aspects of it with my son (there was talk of weasels, after all!), and most aspects of it for myself. Loved these books! If you know more about Brambly Hedge yourself - do share! I'd love to learn more.

For bonus points, our library also possessed a copy of Brambly Hedge Sea Story which suited my whale lovin' boy just fine!


  1. Aren't the illustrations in Brambly Hedge just so very lovely - wonderful detail, and full of homes I wish mine looked like! Piles of crockery and plenty of baking, linen and flowers everywhere! But I didn't know about Sea Story so I shall be on the look out for that now!

  2. I would read those stories just to be able to experience the drawing. What great artwork.


  3. You are not the only one..I don't think we have ever read this series..The pictures reminds me of Beatrix Potter. They look lovely.

  4. "Delightful. Cute. Charming. Why have I not heard of them before?"

    I quote you because that is exactly what I thought at the beginning of your review! Ohhh, I really need these books for Z's library...

  5. As usual I went to Amazon after visiting your site and to my shock (and slight dismay) I see the Complete Brambley Hedge is listed at $378.... this is one of those that must go on the "I hope I can find it at a yardsale" list!

  6. I've never heard of them either. They sound adorable.

  7. I'm on the list of not hearing of them either. They look like cute stories. I'm putting them on our reserve at the library today.

  8. These look so charming! My library has 9 different books by Jill Barklem, and I just requested them all!

  9. I've never heard of them either! I'm going to go check my library catalogue right now!

  10. OMW! I am so excited that you've found these books. I love them! Because they are out of print they are difficult to find, which is really too bad. But I'm glad your library has them.

    ! I discovered them when I was a pre-teen and LOVED them. I own all the season books and my all-time favorite The Secret Staircase. (See if you can locate that one) For a time there was a china set with the illustrations. I have a small collection, but they were pricey so I was never able to get the pieces I really wanted like the tea pot, cream and sugar servers.