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Monday, January 25, 2010

Woodrow, the White House Mouse

I had not heard of Woodrow until my friend brought a copy of him when she came to visit us last week. Written by Peter and Cheryl Barnes, this small series of books is a unique way to introduce the young folks to politics. (Ok, after you get past the idea that you have to introduce your children to the world of politics, come back and read the post! Yes, I know.)

I hadn't yet read the book she brought when I noticed two other titles on our library shelves (purchased by one of the local political parties and donated with an inscription inside, no less!). I brought Woodrow for President and House Mouse * Senate Mouse home with me.

The books begin with Woodrow for President. In this "Tail of Voting, Campaigns and Elections" we meet Woodrow when he was just a young squeaker of a thing, whose parents believed he had great potential. Raised in Moussouri, he's a wholesome sort of fellow with a big heart and big dreams. We follow him from his race for Mice Mayor and then onto a governorship - as a part of the Bull Mouse Party (if you were wondering). All the basics of campaigns and elections are included and if you look carefully, you can find a Secret Service agent (also a mouse, of course!) in each illustration.

Moving on past the election we find Woodrow, the White House Mouse in which we are given a tour of the White House. Having been chosen by mousedome for the office of Mouse President, we meet up with him at his inauguration in which everyone is wanting to know about Woodrow. His favorite food? "Why, American cheese!" This book discusses how the president has to work with Congress and it talks briefly about bills and lows. It also gives a nice diagram showing how the president is over all other departments of government and you even get a nice feel for the White House at Christmastime. It's a pretty cute book, I have to say.

Lastly, there is House Mouse * Senate Mouse which proudly presents unto you "The Squeaker of the House and The Senate Mouse-jority Leader." The basic idea of this book is to communicate how our laws are made.

The stories are also all told in rhyme. So, for example, there is a basic explanation of how our Nation's system of law and order came into being:

"Our Mouse Founding Fathers," he said, "were so wise --
They founded our nation around compromise!
They wrote it all down in the Mouse Constitution,
So after much thought, I propose this solution:

We are city mice, country mice, large mice and small -
We like many cheeses - in fact, like them all!
But we're Americans first! So now, if you please,
Let's agree that American is our National Cheese!"
This is definitely a unique look at a rather unique (and special) nation. I would think it will be helpful to introduce the Bookworm(s) to as they get a little bit older and start figuring out the basic of idea of "President" and "White House" etc. I tried to explain it briefly but it's still a bit over our heads, I do believe. Still, it's nice to know of the resource and so I pass it along to you!


  1. The president one might be nice for next month when we celebrate President's Day.

  2. Hmm, thanks for the resource!