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Friday, January 8, 2010

Farm Picture Books

In our stack this past week we discovered a few farm related picture books and so I figured we should just lump them all together here. I'll probably update this post in the future with any other farm-related titles we find while on this journey so that I have this post for easy reference purposes.

Of course, if you are going to introduce a child to the concept of a farm, what better place to start than at the very beginning? Little Rabbits' First Farm Book, by Alan Baker, is quite adorable AND informative. (So really, how could you possibly go wrong?) In this book our little...warren? colony? fluffle? of rabbits are arriving on a farm in the early mornings to lend a hand (or a paw?) to the other animals. They arrive as the rooster is crowing and help to feed the chicks. They fill up the pigs' trough and take the sheep out to the fields. Illustrated in a soft and rather fluffy way, you just want to pick up each animal one by one and squeeze them mercilessly (because they are cute, of course). Each page also has a "Did you know?" box which points out facts such as pigs live in sties, tractors pull machines called plows and cows are milked twice a day, etc. Again it's just the whole cute and informative theme of this book that gets me and I thought it was adorable. Alan Baker has a whole series of books based on little rabbits and every title we picked up was a winner. I'll probably talk about these books in a separate post.

For something a bit more unusual, you've got to check out The Farm Team, by Linda Bailey. I do have to say that although we read this book, and I smiled because of the creativity involved, it really wasn't our thing and it was a bit above our heads and reading levels at this time. But the premise is downright awesome and I didn't want to pass up a mention of it because you might find it so clever that you'd hate me if I didn't mention it. This book is all about hockey. And all about the animals on Stolski's farm who are pathetic hockey players but desperately want to win the Stolski cup back from their arch nemesis, The Bandits. The Bandits are a team comprised of stray dogs, weasels, skunks and other nefarious creatures that you'd rather not see on your farm. Generally pesky things, they play a really mean game of hockey and The Farm Team is desperate to beat them and win back the famed and elusive Stolski cup. Really, this book is kinda cool. I liked the concept a great deal, even if we didn't really get into it. Maybe later (I hope). Very clever.

Lastly, one we were able to enjoy (as it is right at our 3 year old reading level) is Cock-a-Doodle Quack! Quack!, by Ivor Baddiel and Sophie Jubb, which is about a baby rooster who can't figure out the right phrase to use to wake up the other farm animals. Every morning he wakes up and tries something different. Is it Cock-a-Doodle Moo! Moo! or Cock-a-Doodle Oink! Oink!? A wise old owl finally tips him off to the idea of waking up in the morning and seeing what might just come naturally to him. Finally he lands on the right phrase and the farm animals begin to wake up on time. This is a silly book and since we're into silly, this was a hit!

More to come, I'm sure....

In the meantime, is there a particular farm-related picture book that you and yours enjoy? Leave a note! I'd love to hear about it!


  1. We love Margaret Wise Brown's "Big Red Barn" and Janet Stevens "Cook-a-doodle-doo".

  2. Great concept for a blog and what fun for your kids.

  3. On the Farm by David Elliot is a beautiful picture book, with poems for each farm animal. And I also enjoy The Little Red Hen by Jerry Pinkney, a retelling of the classic story. For a little fun with a rooster who doesn't know how to crow, try Bob by Tracey Campbell Pearson. I love the concept for your blog!

  4. We have My Giant Book of Snappy Farm, and kids are constantly coming forward to 'pet' the animals. And for a funny farm, I love Click Clack Moo!

  5. Oh my goodness -- you are possibly my favorite person ever right now. As a children's librarian, I'm just thrilled that someone would take on the challenge of reading the whole library. And what a great way to encourage your children to use the library.

    I'm literally sitting here in awe. I'll definitely be back to cheer you on and read about your progress.

    - Katie

  6. Loren Long's "Otis" has captured my heart. Simply gorgeous and every farmer out there should own a copy, especially those with an affinity for antique tractors.

  7. Meg - Thanks for the suggestions!

    NatalieSap - Thanks for the compliment! We just read The Little Red Hen for the first time the other day (but it was a version I wasn't extremely fond of). DEFINITELY on the lookout for a homebased copy of that important story! =)

    Caroline - My Giant Book of Snappy Farm. I've wondered about those titles. I've only seen one and it was a hit but I haven't seen the farm one.

    Read What You Know- haha! =D Thanks for following along! I'm quite certain that you have a fabulously interesting perspective to share and I hope you'll share often!

    Brimful - Haven't heard of Otis! But we LOVE tractors so I'll keep an eye out!

  8. Hi!
    They all look good. I really like the Cock-a-doodle moo moo one, looks like a great one. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  9. Thanks for you link! The Cock a Doodle Quack Quack sounds absolutely adorable for little ones.