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Reading My Library

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Comment Challenge

I've linked up to the Comment Challenge hosted by Mother Reader, for bloggers who blog about kidlit (and other things). I figured Reading My Library rather qualified for that category and it's nice to spread the comment love around a bit! So count me in!

Want to join in? Go HERE to sign up and find out more about it!


  1. (((Carrie)))
    Thank you much for stopping by my blog, "Unfussy Living".
    I laughed when I read your comment about Bloggiesta..LOL It was a little complex and not so easy to understand. I tried my best to add "my" impression about it and the things that I wanted to do with my blog....even though they didn't exactly match up with the instructions. And it kind of worried me that I wasn't technically a "book blogger" or reviewer. I just adore, love, and have total affection for books,literature, authors, book websites, love and love libraries and the list goes on! And now that I've discovered book blogs, I have so many people to share that passion with--a total bonus!
    Anyhoo, I wanted to make sure about which blog you would like for me to comment on. Should it be this one? Or "Reading To Know"? I just want to make sure because I like them all and they're all super, but "Reading To Know" is my personal favorite!
    Take care and have a great Sunday!

  2. I'm commenting! Lovely blog, and I love your read-alouds.