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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Read Aloud Thursday

Read-Aloud Thursday at Hope Is the WordAnother Thursday. Now that Christmas is over it doesn't feel quite so very festive... but still! It's a day to enjoy, right? A day in which you probably do not have time to read books. A day in which you are trying to figure out how to stay up until midnight (if you haven't totally given up on the idea already!) but still....another Read Aloud Thursday hosted by Hope is in the Word.

So what did we find in our library book bag this time around?

The Cat Who Loved Music, by Patricia Austin was one of the first books we pulled out of our library bag this time. In this sweet little story, young Jennifer finds a cat which she decides to bring home with her. She names the cat Amadeus because she herself is a budding pianist who is currently working on one of Mozart's sonatas to perform in a contest. In between her practicing, Jennifer is also focused on trying to make friends with Amadeus, who is, as cats typically are, very hard to please. Nothing she tries to do for or with him makes him happy to be around her. That is, nothing makes him happy EXCEPT for when Jennifer sits down at the piano and plays. It turns out that Amadeus just happens to love Mozart sonatas! All ends well, of course, with girl and cat spending frequent time around the piano.

A Friend for Growl Bear, by Margot Austin is a story with a moral attached to it. OR, it's a story about a little bear named Growl Bear who can only make a "G-r-r-r" sound instead of talking. He has no teeth and no ability to bite or be mean. He's just a little baby of a bear who hasn't yet learned how to talk. The problem is that none of the animals understand his deficiencies. When he walks up to them and says "G-r-r-r" they think he is trying to scare them or bite them. It takes a wise old owl a couple of tries before he realizes that Growl bear isn't trying to be mean - he is trying to make friends! Once all of the animals grasp this truth, Growl Bear finds himself with plenty of Woodland friends. Illustrated by David McPhail, this is a cute and cuddly book. Since we are fan of woodland animals around here, this one is fun for us to look through and enjoy.

Hmm. I almost could have made this Read Aloud Thursday post a cat edition and it would have included the name Jennifer or Jenny. I found within my library bag a copy of Jenny's Birthday Book, by Esther Averill, which is the story of a black cat named Jenny Linsky. It is her birthday and her brothers are coming to take her to a birthday party in New York. I was surprised to discover a familiar Fire Cat make an appearance and so I had to hop around and find out a little about Esther Averill. Apparently Jenny the cat was based on a pet cat of Averill's and launched her into a cat career which resulted in the following books being published:

The Cat Club, Harper, 1944
The School For Cats, Harper, 1947
Jenny's First Party, Harper, 1948
Jenny's Moonlight Adventure, Harper, 1949
When Jenny Lost Her Scarf, Harper, 1951
Jenny's Adopted Brothers, Harper, 1952
How the Brothers Joined the Cat Club, Harper, 1953
Jenny's Birthday Book, Harper, 1954
Jenny Goes to Sea, Harper, 1957
Jenny's Bedside Book, Harper, 1959
The Fire Cat, Harper, 1960
The Hotel Cat, Harper, 1969

It would appear that I came in mid series and, unfortunately, there were no other cat books by Averill in my bag so I won't be able to talk very much about it. (Then again, if you are not a cat fan, perhaps you are grateful!) Cute little book though and I liked it.

Lastly, for this particular post, we have Things That Sometimes Happen, by Avi. Very silly things indeed. Particularly silly to little boys who like to guffaw. Things like dragons coming around and eating up the cat's food and elephants who try to drink from straws that end up accidentally going up their trunks. Or what about a hippopotamus who tries to drive a car but cannot fit into the seat? Or maybe you'd prefer a story about crayons that are alive, but sad because they are colors that are not used very much by little children (i.e., the color black)? They find their purpose in drawing nighttime scenes that people dream about and all turns out well in the end. This is a very silly little book and yet fully captivating and entertaining. There is stuff here for adults as well as kids and we enjoyed reading this one aloud together. I have to give this particular title two thumbs up.

So did you play Read Aloud Thursday this week? Can't wait to see what you have to share about! In the meantime, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  1. Hmmm. . .pretty neat about the Fire Cat cat and books. I THINK that was one of the first books Steady Eddie read on his own. That Mozart book looks really neat, too. I'm a fan of Avi, but I don't think I've come across (any? many?) picture books.

    Happy New Year!