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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Read Aloud Thursday

Read-Aloud Thursday at Hope Is the WordIf you possibly needed more motivation to participate in this weekly meme, Amy is hosting a giveaway this week in celebration of Read Aloud Thursday's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

We're still focused on a Christmas theme this year and so I'm listing books that are on our own home bookshelves.

Small One is a movie that I've mentioned once or twice over at Reading to Know. (I wrote a long post about Small One over here.) This was a favorite story of mine growing up and this year Bookworm1 is old enough to both understand it and follow along. Last year was too soon. I've enjoyed reading Small One with him and then I did pick up a copy of the movie which we have watched once this month. I'd like to watch it 1-2 more times before the month is over!

A month or so back I found a used copy of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Movie-Tie in edition. It's a hardbound picture book which is something on the order of 30 pages long. It's a movie-tie in edition meaning it is illustrated with pictures from the movie. We have tons of Narnia books and it's not like I needed another one in my home, but this one deftly avoids all pictures of any creatures which might prove scary to little eyes. Again, I can't find a picture or information on the book online but it's an awesome book. Why am I relating it to Christmas? Because when Aslan comes, so does Christmas. It is he who breaks the spell of the dark magic, allowing for seasons to come and go, and allows us to know the joy of each. Bookworm has asked to read this book at least 17 million times over the course of the last week. Ok, maybe more like 3 but it's a long book for a three year old and I can't believe he actually sits through it!

And still, we are reading all of the same books (and singing our way through them) from last week. It's a fun season with so MANY books to read!

What are you reading with your kids this Christmas season? Won't you consider writing up a post to share and linking it up to Read Aloud Thursday? For more posts, check out what Amy has to offer (and her giveaway!) this week.

Merry Christmas!


  1. I have never read or watched The Small One. Can you believe it? Sounds like we need to remedy that.

    Love the Narnia book, too. I could use a copy with NO SCARY PICTURES! :-)

  2. What age is Small One appropriate for? I never seen or read it either.

  3. I would say that Small One is probably best understood and completely appropriate for a 4 year old. The donkey is taken to a tanner to potentially be sold and Bookworm1 thankfully didn't hone in on what a tanner does. We talked about it very briefly but I think the comprehension would be better in another year. It didn't seem to bother him though (and the donkey is obviously not sold to the tanner). I'd say 4 and up. Five if you want to be super safe.