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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Read Aloud Thursday - Christmas

Read-Aloud Thursday at Hope Is the WordThe weeks are just FLYING right by! (I'm still bummed that I didn't think about wrapping up the books for bookworm openings throughout the month of December.) We are SO DOING that last year, per Amy's suggestion.

We're still visiting our own bookshelves around here, talking about what Christmas books we've been reading. Goodwill has to be one of my favorite places to go book shopping around here, mostly because the employees haven't yet figured out how much certain titles and editions should go for. (They've figured out the price of toys, etc., but not books!). Because I'm all hyped up about the idea of wrapping at least 24 Christmas books next year, I'm adding to our collection by the dollar this year.

One book I snatched up was The Nutcracker (Golden Books edition). Yes, we are a household of males but it's a Christmas story worth being familiar with. Can't say we'll spend a lot of time with it, but one day we will go and see the ballet and having some concept of the story line won't hurt us. Bookworm1 liked the pictures of the nutcracker itself as he has been seeing them all around town and likes the idea of nutcrackers in theory.

Getting back to our manly selves, I also found a copy of Thomas' Christmas Delivery which was a nice story in and of itself but not wildly exciting. The book does sparkle though which was it's main selling point for the boy. In this book, Thomas is being a really useful engine so that Santa will be impressed. Thomas is out making some tough, snowy deliveries to little children and is worried that he won't get back to the shed to hang his stocking and fall asleep in time for Santa. Never fear though, little ones! Thomas does indeed make it back and is delighted to discover exactly what he wants in his stocking on Christmas morning -- lumps of coal! Har, har, har, har.....

On a more "religious" note, we have been reading One Shining Star (which I just think is super cute) and I reviewed over at 5 Minutes for Books.This is a fun way to count your way through Christmas (from 1 to 10) and is illustrated in such a charming fashion that it draws in both young and old alike (obviously). My only fear is that my literal child will hold me to the count of donkeys in the stable and angels in the sky some day. I'm mildly fearful that he'll acquaint "a heavenly host" with the number 8 at which point we'll have to have a little talk. In the meantime though, we're all enjoying this book around here. If you see it, snatch it up. It really is a cute little book and is, as I said originally, a great Baby's First Christmas gift!

Otherwise, we've also pulled out our Little People Nativity set and have been taking turns telling each other the Christmas story.

Last year our story was pretty basic in nature. This year we're adding information and making the angel appear first to Mary with the news and then to Joseph (who always replies, "Oh my!"). It's fun watching the wheels turn inside little heads as they piece together the fact that God sent His son to earth in the form of a little baby. And then people on earth made a really big deal about it and angels appeared in the sky and everything! It IS a wondrous miracle and I am happy to make a big deal out of it all over again.

I think probably next week, it being Christmas Eve and all, we'll be taking a break from Read Aloud Thursday so on this note and on this topic I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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  1. We have a Schleich nativity set that the kids play with. Baby Jesus is pretty tiny though, but I do like the fact that you can remove him from his manger and then place him there on Christmas Eve. My son would love that Thomas book!

  2. My guys would love the Thomas book. My husband has banned us from going to The Nutcracker. He was traumatized by his trip to the ballet (all the men in the tights). :) I haven't found a book version that I like yet. I love the idea of opening a book a day - just hope I remember it for next year.

  3. We've only read a version of The Nutcracker once--last year, I think. I'm sure my girls don't remember it. Every year I say I'm going to take them to see it, but I don't. Next year! :-)

    I'm glad to see you're all in the Christmas spirit with your books! :-)