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Reading My Library

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Progress Report

Goal set for reading all of the children's picture books in our library:

Monday, September 28th

Progress as of today's date:

I've read (according to the last name of the author) through the "A" section.

Total number of picture books read:

A little unsure. As I mentioned before, I was using a website to keep track of titles but the website went down and I lost some of my count. I can absolutely count 369 but I know I lost the count from a few visits. I'm going to guesstimate that I've read around 400 books and I think that's fair. But if you want to be technical (which I kind of do) then I can only admit to 369.

Average number of times I go to the library during the week:

1 (Down from the last progress report!)

Average number of books checked out per visit:

I'm going to say that I've made roughly 10 trips to the library, which makes my average about 36 books per trip. According to the library receipts, that is just about right!

Favorite New-to-Me author I've discovered so far:

Jim Arnosky

Total amount of fines due so far:

$3.35. But that was tallied up as a result of videos which I didn't get back in time. (I should probably stop checking out videos!) Our library has a generous 4 week lend-out program for books. However, videos are due back in 2 weeks and apparently I'm not very good with a two week deadline. Give me a month and I'm safe!


Overall, I'm happy with the progress. I would have been much less satisfied had I not completed the first letter of the alphabet. No, I didn't read every single title available by authors whose last names started with "A." Sometimes when I'd go to pick up a new stash, I'd notice titles that I had missed before and I have to admit to being tempted to pick up those previously missing titles. However, if I did that I would probably constantly being taking two steps forward and one step back and life just doesn't allow for me to be THAT meticulous about this challenge. I am personally satisfied just picking up what is available for me at the time of my visit and getting a general overall feel for what my library has to offer and what authors are out roaming our streets.

I have enjoyed this so far and so long as I keep it at an enjoyable pace for myself, I'll just keep right on going.

Thanks for tuning in, for leaving comments, dropping e-mails and for generally making this a more fun and entertaining way to read through my library.

Hope to see you around in 2010!


  1. Jim Arnosky is a favourite at our house too.
    I am following your challenge and participating, joining 2 challenges together (see my post: http://canadianhomelearning.blogspot.com/2010/01/combining-two-reading-challenges.html )

  2. I have very much lived vicariously through your library trips! Thank you!

  3. I'm really impressed with all the children's books you've read! My kids would love this. I'm not that great at making time to read to them and we've gotten out of the habit and going to the library once a week. You're inspiring me. Thank you!

  4. What a great accomplishment! We love Jim Arnosky here, especially Rabbits and Raindrops and Crinkleroot's Guide to Butterflies and Moths. I'm looking forward to watching your progress.