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Reading My Library

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's Tuesday and We're Full of Grace

Here are a few of the books that we genuinely enjoyed from the last haul:

Babies on the Go, by Linda Ashman kind of reminds me of John Butler books but I have no complaints. In this book we see how various babies travel and it is told completely in rhyme:

"Some babies stand up right away. They take a step, then run and play. But many need more time to grow, so they have other ways to go . . . "

There is a nice variety of animals in this book making it enjoyable for all. Of course, human babies are also compared to give your young reader some way of connecting to the concept presented in this book. Bats, lions, giraffes, hippos and kangaroos. Very cute and very nicely done. A great way to introduce children to the idea that animal mothers also care for their animal babies!


Sailing Off to Sleep is another by Linda Ashman and also has a soft, quiet feel to it, much like Babies on the Go. This one I really enjoyed. It opens with a daughter telling her mother how much she doesn't want to go to sleep but she'd rather sail off to the North Pole. Her mother spends the book presenting various obstacles she might encounter on such a journey, such as "Your ship has no sail." The daughter has an answer to every problem though. ("I'm tying my boat to the tail of a whale.") In the end, the mother encourages her daughter to go ahead and go on her great big journey and the daughter decides that maybe another night would be better. This is a very cute and very endearing sort of book. If I had a daughter, I would be putting this book on Amazon. I don't, so I'm mentioning it here at Reading My Library so that I'll remember it exists. Loved it!


I read Can You Make a Piggy Giggle? to Bookworm1 when he was in a mood. Nothing was cracking a smile out of him, but that's ok. That's exactly the case for piggy. No matter how hard the boy in this book tries, he cannot make this pig grin. He can dance, he can make silly faces but none of it! Not a bit! By the end though, if you say enough silly words in a row like, "If you polka, flap, and fiddle, waddle, yodel, stomp and riddle...." then eventually the boy pig giggle. Maybe. Well, "probably not." But it's worth a try and it broke the ice for where we were at in that moment. It's pretty cute.


And now that I've written this up, I realize that all of the books we enjoyed were by Linda Ashman so I forgive her for yesterday. I can be magnanimous that way. Sometimes.

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  1. Lovely! I wish I made time to write about the books we read.....