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Monday, December 14, 2009

It's a Monday and This is What Those Days are For

I get the feeling that this book didn't do so very well because the only image that you can find of this (copyright 2006) book is a teeny tiny picture. I briefly debated only showing you a less than thumbnail sized picture of the cover art on this book but then I decided that you needed more information than what that offered. So I have stretched it to a ridiculous, unbelievable and extremely blurry size so that you can forearm yourselves as best as possible against it. Plus, it helps to make the book appear all the more annoying (as I can't stand looking at the blurry image!)

But now maybe I'm being a bit harsh.

Maybe you LIKE your children to frequently succumb to naughty bugs. Maybe you like them to think that being disobedient, so long as they are being silly at the same time, is exactly the way to be. If so, then by all means RUSH out and buy your own copy of Desmond and the Naughty Bugs for your home library.

In this book, we meet Desmond, who has been attacked by some rather naughty bugs. They make him do things like pull apples out of the apple display at the grocery store, fling food in restaurants, whine and complain and just generally drive his parents crazy. Now, I suppose this opens up some discussion for good behavior vs. bad behavior. If you are feeling so inclined to turn this book into a lesson, you'll be delighted that there's a Teaching Guide online for this book (that I refuse to link to). It offers helpful suggestions like:

* Make up your own Naughtybug. What sorts of trouble does it cause? Draw a picture for a classroom mural or Field Guide.

* Imagine that you are this Naughtybug. Write a description of yourself to go along with the picture. When would you be most likely to show up? Where? What do you cause people to do? What’s the best way for them to get rid of you?

Thanks for the suggestions! (I think I'll take a pass.) Definitely a book I think our library could do without. If there is anything that kids these days don't seem to need, it is more excuses to blame their naughtiness on something other than themselves.

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  1. Naughty bugs, huh? And here I thought we were responsible for our own actions! Silly me!