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Reading My Library

Monday, December 7, 2009

I went to the library and my whole stack is out of alphabetical order

Oh yeah..............I shoved and ran. My stack of books this time overflowed out of "Carrie's Book Bag". I strained at the handles of the bag and lugged the bag and its "contents" down a long hallway and a flight of stairs. Why? Why did I do it? It's all for you, you know. To entertain, to educate, to give you another blog to read and me another blog to write. Oh yes! Let's hear it for the glories of Blogdom!

So, in this latest stack there's a bunch of books about a character called Moonbear, by Frank Asch. I've seen Moonbear around before - here and there, there and here. I've been curious but never curious enough.

Now, when I grab books at the library for this challenge, I do not look at the titles or anything about the books as I'm throwing (ah hem, gently placing them...) in the bag. It is only after I get home and am unloading with Bookworm1 that I discover what actually came home with me. This time, Moonbear tumbled out of the bag and into our lives.

I thought about writing up a whole post about Moonbear but I just can't bring myself to do it. Not that Moonbear is bad, because he isn't. He is a very good little bear. He hibernates in winter, is friendly with little bird, takes care of his pets, tends his garden well and has an ongoing fascination with the moon.

I was going to research online to learn more about Frank Asch but I just can't do it and it's not because he is unworthy. Anyone who can write an entire series about a bear who loves the moon is clearly worthy of being Googled. There are a lot of Moonbear books.

* Moonbear's Dream
* Moondance
* Mooncake
* Moongame
* Moonbear's Friend
* Moonbear's Pet

All about Moonbear and the moon (and Little Bird).

Bookworm1 was interested and he sat through a few of the stories and we thought they were pretty cute and all. But they didn't "grab me" and make me wild with excitement and glee. Creative? Yes. Cute? Yes.

There is absolutely nothing objectionable about Moonbear.

** Also, is it Moonbear or Moon Bear? I cannot find agreement online! **

If you just want some calm stories to read, go find this guy. He won't do anything to you that will startle or alarm. He just is and he'll let you be also. He's like Mitford for kids - cozy.

A quick perusal online would indicate that these books are perfect for 19 months on up. Apparently the theme of the books are about making friends and, well, being happy. That pretty much chalks up what most children are after so I suppose they fit the bill!


  1. Moonbear sounds a whole lot like a watered down (boring even?) Little Bear in the books by Else Holmelund Minarik.

  2. My oldest daughter and I agree with you. Moonbear is fine, but doesn't excite us. My youngest (3 1/2), though, loves this character. Something about him resonates with her. As we go about our daily lives, so many things remind her of something that happened in a Frank Asch book. Go figure!