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Reading My Library

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

HAHA! I'm still here!

Catching up a bit and sprinting towards the close of 2009, fully intending to finish up the "A" section at the library.

And I still remember the request for pictures of our local library. I'm not ignoring the request. I'm just avoiding the question at the moment. (It's all part of the plan, folks. It's all part of the plan.)

I was also using a delightful website all this time to keep track of all the titles that I read. However, the website is no more and now I do not have the list of titles to share, only my personal notes about how many books I've read and how much I've paid in library fines as a result of not getting videos (not books, mind you!) back to the library before their appointed time.

Soo....no use crying over spilled milk. You'll be updated with the quantity vs. the quality, ok? And we'll just have to live with it!

I have one more stack of books sitting here at home that take me through the "A" section at the library. The year 2010 starts fresh into the "B's" but for the moment, we have a couple days of highlights coming up.

Stay tuned!

1 comment:

  1. Hi! Alex pointed me to your blog telling me that you are attempting to do the same thing as I am. You have a head start on me though as I'm just starting.