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Friday, December 11, 2009

Frank Asch (after all)

Turns out there are some non-Moonbear books by Frank Asch that I find myself rather liking! Didn't want to downplay him and make you think every time you see his name you should give him the shrugged shoulder treatment.

Consider this particular title on your next visit to your local library:

Monsieur Saguette and his Baguette is quite charming (esp. as I just finished reading My Life in France and I have food on the brain and my stomach is growling as I type this). We open the book to find Monsieur Saguette making himself a pot of hot carrot soup (which we moms just know all of our three year olds are going to smack their lips and drool over, right?). He decides he needs some bread so he goes off and buys a baguette. On his way back home he runs into all kinds of people in need and discovers that a baguette is an extremely useful thing to have on hand. The book ends with him being able to enjoy his soup and bread and with the adult reader of the book not wanting to think about how many people touched the bread before he got around to eating it. Still, all in all, it is a really cute book. Very enjoyable.

And with that I will leave you to your weekend! Have a good one!

1 comment:

  1. I adore this book. One year my school's assistant director chose it to be in the Family Book club that semester, and it was really popular!