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Reading My Library

Monday, November 2, 2009

The World is Filled with Idioms

I think Tedd Arnold must be one popular guy because my library was out of a few of his titles. I had to content myself with the second and third book in his "parts" series which are well-above Bookworm1's head and yet....not above it at all. These books are all about idioms and my literal son is constantly catching me using them! Therefore I snickered through these books alone and think they would be perfect for ages 6+. These books revolve around a kid who freaks out because people are always saying things like, "I'll bet that broke your heart" and "Please give me a hand." Do hearts really and truly break? Are hands removable?! That's what he's asking and he'd sure like to know!

More Parts read like your typically story book with a variety of well-known and overused phrases were mentioned.

Even More Parts read more like a comic book with each page giving an image to reflect the following statements:

* I lost my head.
* I keep changing my mind.
* I want all eyes on me!
* My nose is running
* It cost an arm and a leg.
* I had to pay through my nose.

All of these and more are delightfully displayed for the young, curious and literal mind.

I've learned to be a bit more careful what phrases I pop off before using around my two year old. I've always thought little people have overused the word, "Why?" Not my son. He's never asked me "Why" once! Instead, he prefers to ask, "What does that mean?" and he asks with some frequency!

If I thought he could comprehend that there were just silly things that people said, I would introduce him to these books now. However, I think we'd best hold off for a few years when he can get a better chuckle out of them.


  1. We talk a lot about "word pictures." Especially when reading the Bible. I think my 6 year old would love this book! :)

  2. I've read Even More Parts for a class and really enjoyed it. I've always meant to go back and check out some of his other books but hadn't. Thanks for the reminder.

    BTW, the + part of the age estimate is very accurate. If I check out his others, I'll be doing so for myself. And I'll probably insist on sharing with my parents, and sibs, and BIL...I did with the one I have read. =)