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Monday, November 23, 2009

Three Little Cajun Pigs

You can't even get started reading the Three Little Cajun Pigs,by Mike Artell until you read the glossary which explains the words and definitions used in this spin off from the classic Three Little Pigs tale. This book is filled with words like "couchon de lait" and "derriere." As a further explanation, the author offers this additional note:

"The rhyming scheme for Three Little Cajun Pigs emphasizes the second, fifth, eighth, and eleventh syllables. Example: In SOUTH Loo-si-AN-a, where GA-tors
grow BIG Live T'REE Cajun PIGS and an OL' mama PIG."

Mama pig gives her boys some food and sends them off into the great big world to make their own homes. They head out and find some free straw which attracts one of the pig brothers. Then they find some tree limbs that need to be hauled away which attracts the second pig brother. Of course, you know the third pig builds his house with some bricks which the two other siblings thinks is way too much trouble. While the pigs are building and playing, an alligator named Claude (as opposed to a wolf, of course) is keeping an eye on them.

"Claude crawl out de water and hide in de grass,
And sit dere and wait 'till dem first two pigs pass.
Den Claude jump in front of dem pigs and he say,
"I t'ink dat it's time for some couchon de lait!"
This book is a romp down south, that's all. It's good for a laugh and some fun. Of course, not everyone can make a trip south to experience the language, food and fun first hand but to give you a taste, here is some help.

Here's a kid-friendly recipe for Grilled Cajun Catfish.

Or, for something a tad bit easier, here is a collection of Gumbo recipes to suit everyone from the vegetarian to those who wouldn't give the three pig brothers a second thought!

Here are some Cajun Country Fun coloring pages.

And lastly, you really can't experience the south unless you experience some of the music. I'm not a huge, huge fan of Seasame Street, but here's a cute (or perhaps offensive, depending on how you look at it!) muppet rendition of Zydeco music (if you can take it):

Other books that compliment this theme: Bayou Babies, by Jim Arnosky & Bayou Lullabye and other books by Kathi Appelt.

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