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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Read Aloud Thursday

Read-Aloud Thursday at Hope Is the WordWe're still enjoying Jim Arnosky books this week around these parts and so all of the following titles will be about Arnosky animal books. Gratefully, thankfully, wonderfully, etc., etc., etc., our library has a good stack of Arnosky books available to us and we've enjoyed each and every single one. Check out some of these titles:

Mouse Numbers is a book without words (which I tend to not like) but the story is illustrated well enough to make perfect sense, even to me! ;) Touted as a "very first counting book", we count with a mouse who leaves him home one morning to:

Hop over ONE mushroom, Walk over TWO hills, hop THREE stones in a brook, and so on and so forth through the number ten and all the way back home again! It's very cute and simplistic and makes a child think to count, instead of having the numbers presented to them on a silver platter. Well thought out, this book is!

Big Jim and the White-Legged Moose is based on a true story of Arnosky's in which he found an amazing white-legged moose (surprisingly enough) and wanted to be able to sketch it. Arnosky was able to track his moose, but Big Jim runs into a problem or two and is eventually chased up a tree by this elusive, mysterious and majestic creature. Arnosky set this story to a tune, so you can sing or read it. We read it just fine and found it to be funny.

Grandfather Buffalo was one of our lesser favorites from the story perspective. It is about a, you guessed it!, Grandfather Buffalo who is a little on the aged side and isn't able to keep up with the herd as well as he used to. However, in this story it ends up being a good thing that he falls behind, as he is able to come to the rescue of young cow who was carrying an unborn calf. Together the Grandfather and the cow trail behind the rest of the herd and Grandfather keeps some cowboys at bay to protect the cow. In the end, they are realized as still being a valuable part of the herd, despite their slower pace. There is a good lesson in this book to be sure, it just didn't grab us in the way some of Arnosky's other books did.

Lastly, one that we very much enjoyed was Babies in the Bayou which just SOUNDS like a cool title. It goes easy on the ears and you feel rocked into the rhythm of the Bayou (whatever that rhythm is!). The page spreads flow into one another as the story progresses and you can guess at what animal you are going to hear about next by spotting them on an earlier page. We meet alligator babies, raccoons, turtles and ducklings. This book is gentle and sweet and it opens and concludes very well. This book comes highly recommended by both Bookworm1 and myself!

So what have you and yours been reading aloud this week? Join in the Read Aloud Thursday fun which is graciously hosted by Hope is in the Word every week. It's a great way to discover what books are out there to be discovered at your library!

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  1. I think we've read Babies in the Bayou. I'd love to see the one about the white-legged moose--it looks fun. Glad you've found a "keeper" in Jim ARnosky! :-)