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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Read Aloud Thursday

Read-Aloud Thursday at Hope Is the WordThis week we've been a bit more on track with our reading and we browsed through the library bag together. We found some books that mommy really liked and some books that Bookworm1 really liked. We also found some that neither of us cared for very much so we browsed past them. Here is a sampling of what we delved into:

Once Upon a Banana, by Jennifer Armstrong had great title appeal. I read the title aloud and Bookworm1 guffawed. Plus, it appeared as if a monkey was going to take the lead as a silly character. The problem for both of us that this was strictly a picture book. I'm very bad at making up stories (something that we've been practicing). We're all for silly stories around here but, well, if we're going to read a book we expect to have one told to us. On each page of Once Upon a Banana we find a banana peel gone wild and creating havoc everywhere it lands. People are slipping and sliding and crashing and barely hanging on in this book. Dogs are running, a monkey is prancing about and chaos is generally all over the place. I can't say this was a favorite but if you like staring at silly pictures you just may like this book. Again, we liked the title.

I was glad to find Turkey Surprise, by Peggy Archer, in our stack. We hadn't yet read any books about Thanksgiving and this is our first year to really introduce Bookworm1 to it. He didn't really tune in to much last year (and being that we got the flu over the holiday and had a rather minor celebration as a result), it was barely a blip on his radar screen. This year I've purposed to do better. While I didn't really mean to start off with a silly book, that's what happened as a result of Turkey Surprise. This book tells the story of two Pilgrim brothers who have been sent out by their parents to catch a Thanksgiving Turkey. The only problem is, the younger son doesn't really want to hurt a turkey and so he's doing his best throughout the story to help the silly turkey run and hide. His missions is altogether successful and if you are vegetarian, well then, I heartily recommend this book to you! For the rest of us turkey lovers, this is still a cute and silly book with a great song/refrain scattered throughout:

"We're two mighty pilgrims
coming your way.
Looking for a turkey
for Thanksgiving Day."

Great fun to sing loudly when you are 3!

Mommy liked Duck, Duck, Goose?, retold and illustrated by Katya Arnold. This is the story about a silly goose who doesn't like anything about herself. She decides she'd be better with a swan's neck and so trades with the swan. She likes the rooster's red plume and his "cock-a-doodle-do" which he gifts her with. She trades her beak with a pelican and swaps tails with a peacock until, lo and behold, she is the craziest bird you ever did see! When she thinks she has reached perfection, she is rather uncerimoniously attacked by a fox and then she discovers that if she had kept all things goose about her, she would have had an easier time getting away. Eventually she discovers that she is best exactly how she was made. I think this book holds a great many good life lessons and certainly was an intriguing and funny way to show how brilliant we were individually created to be. Loved this book.

In a similar vein I also enjoyed reading aloud Heart of a Tiger, by Marsha Diane Arnold (and have added this one to my Amazon wish list!). This book talks about four kittens who are preparing for "naming day." You see, when animals are born they don't name themselves right away. They wait until they find out more of who they are. Four little kittens are charged with having to come up with names for themselves and the littlest and scrawniest of them all wants to have a name befitting a tiger.

Now, I am big on the meaning of names. I think there is something to what you name your children and why. That meaning typically plays through in their life and I think has been true across the ages (and Americans in particular have walked away from). I loved reading this book aloud to Bookworm1 and then talking about his name, what it means, and how we view him and his purpose in life. I know he might not comprehend all of this right now, but I do think he will grow into all of this and that's why I'd like to have this book on hand -- for future discussions!

I really enjoyed this book as being packed with meaning (sorry to keep saying so!) and Bookworm1 enjoyed reading about the cat, the tiger and spotting the occasional rhinos.

A good time was had by all this week and it's been fun reading aloud together! As always, thanks to Amy for hosting this wonderful challenge! To learn more about Read Aloud Thursdays and to link up your own Read Aloud posts, visit Hope is in the Word.

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with these, Carrie! I really like the last two titles, too. And like you, we're not too big on wordless picture books 'round these parts. Thanks for the Thanksgiving book recommendation!