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Monday, November 16, 2009

Rabbits and Raindrops

To return to where we left off last week....I'm highlighting the works of Jim Arnosky. As I mentioned previously, I was so excited to discover an author who is an obvious animal lover, a family man, and a superb illustrator to boot! Looking through his book is a delight and he writes in such a way as to engage the youngest reader with the animal world around them. He does no less in Rabbits & Raindrops which features a mother rabbit and her five youngsters. They are ready to crawl out of their nest for the first time and they eagerly hop about, nibbling clover and meeting grasshoppers until a spring shower rains down on their parade. They hustle back to their nest where they are joined by the animals they met while out and about. A hummingbird joins them, as does a butterfly, all taking refuge in the rabbits nest until the sun breaks through again.

Rabbits & Raindrops is just a really cute book and reminded me of another book that we checked out recently from our library called Where Does the Butterfly Go When It Rains?, by May Garelick. Where Does a Butterfly Go When it Rains? is a great companion title to Rabbits & Raindrops as they both explore the idea of animals taking shelter in rainstorms. Children, of course, get to run indoors but what do the animals do? These two books take a good look at that and if you can check them out from your library at the same time, they explore the theme well for toddler aged kiddoes.

I thought that the second book left a rather open ended question without summarizing well for young readers. However, my son loved it and we read it over and over and over again so who am I to judge? But if I could choose for the "animals in the rain" theme, my vote goes to Arnosky.

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  1. I am so Going to have to check these books out...my little "Bookaroo" is almost to the age where he can look at and turn paper pages with out crinkling them! : ) Thanks for sharing!