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Monday, November 9, 2009

Jim Arnosky

Behold, the man! Friend of animals and all little children who are completely captivated and fascinated by any creature that can move around but cannot speak.

With great delight I scooped up a whole section of books by Jim Arnosky at the library this past week. Title after title fell into my bag. Manatees, whales, rattlesnakes, rabbits, birds, fish, alligators, etc., etc., etc. My son wasn't with me on this library journey and I delightfully brought my haul home and said, "LOOK IN THE BAG!!!!!!!!!!!"

I got exactly the reaction I was hoping for and so for the remainder of this week we'll be talking about Jim Arnosky.

Things to know about him:

* He photographs animals with a Betacam SP video camcorder with a 1600 mm lens and then sketches what he sees from the images he has captured.

* He lives in an old fashioned (i.e., over 200 year old) farm house in Vermont.

* He has been married for over 28 years to his wife, Deanna. He travels with Deanna when he goes on his wildlife explorations. They have two daughters who live closeby with their families.

* He loves to fish, boat, and play his guitar.

* We think he's so cool!

To learn more about him, visit Jim Arnosky's website.

To see what Jim Arnosky books we found and enjoyed, click on the following links:

* Crinkleroot

* Rabbits & Raindrops

* Jim Arnosky Plays in the Water

* Babies in the Bayou & other books


  1. Oh wow! That's art! How exciting! Wouldn't it be great to HAVE to go on those kinds of adventures to get the right photographs?

  2. His homepage has all kinds of coloring pages. What a fun supplement to the books!