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Friday, November 6, 2009

Children's Book Activities

There are places all over the web that offer good ideas for reading to and with children. However, there are some that are a bit more exceptional than others and I wanted to take a quick second to point them out to you. You might want to bookmark these spots in case you are every looking for an idea or two to share with your kiddoes.

First off, have you looked at Sylvan Dell's website? (I have them linked on the side bar here for easy reference.) They've really been working on updating their site and making it user friendly. They've offered a lot of free resources that you can find on their site. They aren't just about providing quality reading material (although they do that!) but making it useable.

Cool things you can copy and download from their site:

* Animal alphabet cards (for learning the alphabet or for making your own memory game)

* A Plant Matching game (Going on a leaf hunt anytime soon?) that coincides with their book, Countdown to Fall.

* Fun facts about animals that camoflague themselves, as well as an octopus coloring sheet.

* Math problems involving animals

* Information on blackberries with recipes included

* Craft ideas for storytime.

They have a ton of information and resources available so I'd encourage you to browse their site and see what you find! I'm very happy to note that our library has a great many Sylvan Dell titles and we own a few ourselves which makes their website even MORE fun to use. (However, you do not need to have ever read a single one of their books to make use of the resources they offer!)

One last thing - if you are looking for things to do as a family this winter, check out these suggestions from their Editor, Donna German.


Also, if you get a chance you should check out the blog Playing By the Book. I've mentioned her before. She comes up with the coolest craft and interactive ideas to do with children's picture books. For a great idea on a rainy or snowy day, hop on over to Playing By the Book.


Crayola.com is kind of a "messy" site to me. (I like simplistic designs without too many doodads floating about a page.) But that's just a personal preference. They do have a load of free downloadable coloring pages covering just about every topic that would be near and dear to a young child's heart.

* All kinds of holidays
* Puzzles & Games (including dot-to-dot which we are currently huge fans of!)

Lots of stuff to choose from!


I may add to this post later if I find some additional remarkably good resources. If you have a favorite site that you check out for good ideas, let me know about it and I'll link them up!


  1. Thank you for sharing this list!! I'll have to check out the links.

  2. You are such an asset to a homeschoolin' family like ourselves! Thanks for all the great information!

  3. Ooh! Great ideas, useful post. Thanks for posting this!!