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Reading My Library

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Kind of in contrast to yesterday's post, I thought I'd share some of my absolute favorite finds from the last library haul.

I like these books because:

1. They are unique stories.

2. They are beautifully illustrated.

Both are written by Jennifer Armstrong.

The first book is called Little Salt Lick and the Sun King and it is, as you may have gathered from the title, set at the palace of Versailles under the reign of King Louis XIV. Little Salt Like is the Second Assistant Rotisserie Turner in the Department of Roasted Meats but he didn't really care for the position because the smell that the job left on him caused all of the area dogs to be attracted to him. Because Little Salt Lick was so small, the dogs were not afraid of him and he was, forgive me, quite literally hounded.

Then one day the king's dog, Chou-Chou went missing. The king was in an uproar and everyone was searching high and low for the missing pooch. Of course, you can guess who manages to find the dog and why. As a reward, Little Salt Lick receives a promotion to First Assistant Bearer of the King's Dog.

This is a very well-told story and, again, beautifully illustrated by Jon Goodell. I personally love historical fiction and I'm glad to find it in the form of chidlren's picture books.

Now for the next title, which I'm even more wildly excited about...

Pockets doesn't start out with "Once upon a time" but it might as well. A 'slim schooner of a woman' shows up unannounced in a small seaside town. She can't say where she comes from and the townsfolk weren't sure whether or not they wanted to take her in as charity. They ask her if she has the ability to sew and she replies that she could sew and embroider many fine things.

The only problem was that the people of this town were simple folk, wearing gray clothes and nothing at all that would bring attention to themselves. In fact, their whole town reflected this attitude of dreariness and the mysterious lady submits herself to plain boredom for the sake of having a place to live.

Although she has been told to sew nothing fancy, she begins to embroider the inside of their pockets with dreams and beautiful things and whatever magic exists in those pockets begins to take hold of the people's attitude. Before too much longer, the town is completely reformed and the colors that Mary Grandpre uses to illustrated the change are magnificent! Sparkling jewels, seashells, bright blues and sparkling gold colors are used to create a feast for the reader's eyes.

Fantastically beautiful story telling and illustration combined for one not-to-be-missed book!

I've never heard of Pockets before (and maybe you have!) but I'm grateful for the discovery of it. It is, simply stated, wonderful!


  1. "Because Little Salt Lick was so small, the dogs were not afraid of him and he was, forgive me, quite literally hounded."

    Oh my! I love it. Hounded! ha!ha!ha! :) We love a good pun around here.

    Pockets sounds like a wonderful book.

  2. These sound wonderful, Carrie!

  3. POCKETS sounds lovely and Little Salt Lick sounds great!